10 romantic cities to visit with your valentine


The most romantic cities in the world offer so much to couples in love, and these are some of the most escape-worthy destinations.

Cities themselves aren’t necessarily famous just for being romantic. Heavy traffic, pollution and chaos can smother the essence of romance. Yet some ancient cities really carry the aura of romance. When one looks carefully, one will find that these cities are better than arid islands. If chosen wisely, one can rearrange their romance while exploring the streets of these cities. From scenic views to mouth-watering food, these towns offer complete packages.

Therefore, whether one is looking for a romantic getaway or looking for a new love, these cities can be the best destinations to delve into. Here is a list of 10 world’s most romantic travel destinations to lovelive and remember.

ten Venice, Italy

This sunny city in Italy does not speak of love. It’s a love song that beats against lovers’ ribs. Lovers come to town to rekindle their romantic flame. Those who are single come here to find a romantic adventure. Famous for being the city of love, Venice offers the most picturesque sight for onlookers. The city made of marble houses takes its travelers back to the time when poetry and art reigned over the hearts of the spectators. It is the perfect destination to explore and find love.

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9 Cuzco, Peru

Peru may not have earned a reputation as a romantic travel destination, but Cuzco is a hidden wonder that may surprise travelers. A rich culture and historical flair give Cusco an enchanting aura that is impossible to ignore. The mystery-laden city transports its travelers to a world that tells the story of exotic cuisine and awe-inspiring views. Littered with modern bars and restaurants, Cusco offers a charming nightlife to spice up the romance. Cuzco is the right destination for those looking for a city to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day.

8 Paris, France

Adorned with monuments, museums and classic shops, the boulevards of Paris welcome travelers with open arms. Paris, known for its cultural and artistic richness, has something to offer everyone. When you’re tired of exploring art galleries, you can stroll through the bars dotted around the streets or simply wander the winding streets to experience Paris in its rusty richness. From fashion to gastronomy, Paris has everything to envelop visitors in the romance of the city. With so much to see and experience, you can’t help but fall in love! Paris may be the best destination to explore this Valentine’s Day.

seven Buenos Aires, Argentina

Those looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day destination can never ignore the sensual allure of Buenos Aires. This city welcomes avid explorers and is a perfect place for romance. The rich wine and spicy food make the city an ideal travel destination for love and romance. Those who travel with their partners will find Buenos Aires the ideal city to create new memories.

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6 Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, despite its rich musical heritage, is not as famous as some other romantic cities. Yet those who’ve been to Salzburg can’t help but rave about the sweet, poetic beauty of the destination. It is the birthplace of musical legend Mozart. Tall towers and dreamy fountains welcome explorers with open arms. The fortresses perched on top of the cliffs are the main attractions of the city.

5 Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand’s enchanting backdrop can be the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Those looking for a city to rekindle their romance will surely appreciate Queenstown. It offers a soothing serenity absent from most cities. Despite being a famous travel destination, Queenstown still possesses its pristine innocence that makes the city a memorable place to explore, enjoy and embrace. When tired of wandering the streets, couples can just sit back and gaze at the beauty that Queenstown proudly possesses.

4 Seville, Spain

Seville is known for its colorful attitude. Travelers are captivated by the blooming of colors when they set foot in this city. The vigor of Spain is very present in Seville, which makes it a good place for couples looking for passionate love in their relationship. Seville is dominated by its famous orange trees which give the streets a rustic look. To say that Seville is a city of autumn is no exaggeration. The rusty color of autumn lingers in the Seville air and captures the hearts of explorers. Couples looking for love find their perfect love nest in this city. It is famous for being a honeymoon destination. Great food and bustling city life foster passionate love!

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3 Stockholm, Sweden

Those looking for a friendly city with a positive spirit will find their perfect love nest in Stockholm. The best time to explore Stockholm is probably in winter, when the whole city wears the blanket of snow and turns into a fairy tale land. The appearance of the snowy wonderland lasts until February. Therefore, it might be the best destination to explore during Valentine’s Day. What could be more romantic than a cozy winter getaway?

2 Quebec City, Canada

Picturesque streets and captivating rivers will greet travelers as they enter Quebec City. This alluring travel destination is the perfect place to explore and find love in this beautiful clifftop city. Those looking for love will have the chance to meet new people while exploring Quebec. It is a beautiful city that increases both love and passion.

1 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik can be a dream destination for Game Of Thrones fans. Here, they will not only be able to rekindle their romance, but they will also be able to explore the setting of GOT. The city, with its lazy surroundings and limestone-adorned streets never fails to amaze travelers. After touring the GOT setting, travelers can wander the serene streets to take in views of the ancient walls, raised to protect the city from outsiders. Dubrovnik, with its enchanting aura, is the perfect backdrop for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

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