100-year-old woman in Italy gets her driver’s license renewed


A woman in Italy has renewed her driving license at the age of 100, local media report.

Candida Uderzo, who lives in the northern Italian province of Vicenza, got her new license after passing an eye test at a nearby driving school. Now the centenarian can continue driving until at least 2024, when the license expires.

“This renewal makes me happy and will also make me feel a bit more free,” Uderzo told Italian news outlet Corriere della Sera, in an English translation. “I’m lucky, I’m 100 and being so healthy is a surprise to me too. I never take pills, just a sleeping pill once in a while.

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According to The Guardian, Uderzo is at least the third person over 100 deemed fit to drive in Italy in recent years. And across the country, the number of centenarians is increasing – in January 2021, 17,935 people over the age of 100 lived in Italy (compared to 14,456 in 2019).

According to the World Economic Forum, with statistics from the United Nations and Statista, there are now more than half a million people over the age of 100 in the world. Japan has the highest rate of centenarians, with 0.06% of the country’s population aged 100 or older. In terms of population, the United States has the highest number of centenarians in the world – with a total of 97,000 centenarians nationwide.

‘I wasn’t going to sit down’:105-year-old woman renews driver’s license in Illinois

The United States has also seen license renewals for centenarians in recent years. In 2020, for example, a 105-year-old woman in Illinois, Lois Estes Paulson, renewed her driver’s license, making her the fourth oldest licensed driver in the state at the time. .

Contributor: Jane Carlson, Daily Review Atlas.


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