12 amazing trips to China during the October holidays – it’s Tianjin



Xianju National Park, Old Gods Thrones and Glass Bridge

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Chinese tradition says that Xianju National Park, or the Land of God, is where heavenly beings live, each with their own isolated throne. Famous for its amazing mountains, cliffs, magnificent plateaus, deep ravines and waterfalls, it is the largest relief of volcanic rhyolite in the world. Created 120 million years ago from massive volcanic eruptions, this eerie and dramatic landscape is as old as dinosaurs. This trip also includes Lingjiangyuan Forest Park, which you can see from a new high-altitude glass bridge 189 meters above the forest floor.

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8 Day Tibet Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Tour

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One should never miss the opportunity to visit Tibet; the culture and the beautiful landscape will leave you with unforgettable memories. This eight-day adventure tour of Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, and Mount Qomolangma (known in the West as Mount Everest) includes top top attractions in the world. You will visit the Sacred Palace of Potala, the majestic Sera Monastery and breathtaking natural landscapes like Lake Yamdroktso and the Karola Glacier, as well as a distant view of Holy Mother Qomolangma.

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4-Day Adventure in Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve

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Honored as the “last pure land on our blue planet”, Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve was first introduced to the world when famous American adventurer Joseph F. Rock published an article and photographs of Daocheng in National Geographic in 1928. “Where in the world is a landscape comparable to that which awaits the explorer and the photographer! he wrote. Snow-capped mountains, steep cliffs, lakes with crystal clear waters, vast pastures, as well as dense woods make up a harmonious utopian land.

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3-day getaway on the island of Gouqi

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Watch the sun rise over the mountains and over an abandoned village; relax on the beautiful beach and organize an evening around a bonfire; charter a boat and go fishing and enjoy delicious seafood dinners. Gouqi Island is a serene and scenic getaway, perfect for a few days of relaxation.

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6-Day Magical Guizhou Hike with Hidden Tribes

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Located in southwest China, Guizhou has beautiful mountains and rivers, multiple minorities and ethnic customs, unique life and crafts. Immerse yourself in marvelous landscapes, visit “the last cave tribe of China” and explore ancient hanging coffins and burial culture of ancient caves. Enjoy the picturesque view of Malinghe Canyon, be amazed by Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest and arguably the most beautiful waterfall in China, and stroll through Old Han Village in Tianlong Tunpu to feel the culture and customs ancient ones dating back 600 years.

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5-day nomadic experience in Inner Mongolia

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Visit Xilamureng Grassland, the home of the shepherds, to experience nomadic life. Take care of the sheep; learn how to make milk tea; herd of cattle riding like a local Mongolian; sleep at night in a yurt; marvel at the starry sky in the meadows with a bonfire; ride a camel in the Kubuchi desert; go on a motorcycle safari; enjoy a traditional show by Legend of Guolao and more.

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Huangshan and spa resort

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Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of China’s top tourist destinations. Located in Anhui province, it is a must-see destination in the country and has served as an inspiration to Chinese painters for hundreds of years, with its landscapes of peculiarly shaped granite peaks, pines, hot springs, of sunsets and views of the clouds from above.

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8 Day Silk Road Adventure Tour

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This trip is the perfect combination of culture, adventure, history and natural wonders. Visit everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites to beautiful mountain ranges and deserts. Departing from Lanzhou, you will then have the chance to visit Chaka Salt Lake, Zhangye Danxia landforms, Jiayuguan Pass Great Wall and Dunhuang Mogao Caves. Enjoy sunset views over the colorful Rainbow Mountains, marvel at the geometric beauty of the Weijin Tomb murals, and enjoy a camel trek through the desert sand.

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7-Day Trekking in the Wild Qizang Valley

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Located north of Chuanzhusi Town in Songpan, Qizang Valley is an untouched fairyland with spectacular natural scenery. Close to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Parks, Qizanggou is an ideal choice for keen trekkers. Boasting rich grasses and trees, huge mountains, gurgling streams but few people, trip highlights include going to the bottom of the Tazi Valley, camping at Hongxing Lake, hiking in the primary forest, visit Lake Feicui and more.

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Hiking, Rafting and Swimming on the Ancient Huihang Road

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Huihanggudao, or the Ancient Huihang Road, is a major ancient silk and tea trade route followed by merchants from Anhui to Zhejiang provinces and is one of the “best kept secret” treks in the area. from Shanghai. Go whitewater rafting, cool off in pools and pristine rivers, eat at traditional village restaurants, and enjoy stunning scenery along the way.

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5 days tour in the grasslands of Hulunbuir

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Has life in the concrete jungle beaten you? Want to travel to a vast land of magical natural power and beauty? Inner Mongolia’s Hulunbuir Grassland showcases beautiful natural scenery as well as traditional customs of Mongolia and Russia. With clear blue skies and lush pastures, it is named as one of the “Four Greatest Grasslands in the World”, providing a fabulous grassland photography experience. Ride horses through endless meadows, shoot arrows, spend the night in yurts, taste delicious beef and mutton and much more.

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Escape to Jing Ting, a retreat in Zhujiajiao Old Town

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An upscale homestay-style bed and breakfast, Jing Ting is located an hour from Shanghai, in the nearby water town of Zhujiajiao. The restored historic building is within walking distance of the attractions of the millennial village, such as the Fangsheng Bridge and Kezhi Garden, but is secluded enough for guests to enjoy a getaway from the hectic city life. The more than 800 square meter structure is designed in a courtyard motif, with wood, brick, and traditional carvings throughout.

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