22-year-old collapses and dies at cousin’s wedding


A 22-year-old Italian man has died of cardiac arrest while attending the wedding of one of his cousins ​​last weekend.

Danilo D’Argenio, from Grottolella in the province of Avellino, Italy, died around midnight on Saturday in the neighboring province of Salerno shortly after collapsing while celebrating in the garden of the place, according to the newspaper. Italian Il Messaggero.

The emergency services intervened quickly on the scene and tried in vain to resuscitate him. It was later confirmed that D’Argenio died of cardiac arrest.

Her funeral took place at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, July 5, 2021 at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo di Valle, according to Anteprima24.

The outlet reported that a friend wrote on D’Argenio’s Facebook page after his death: “One day we will meet again who knows where. We will have been great. Over the years. Have a nice trip, my friend.”

A lawyer hired by D’Argenio’s family has filed a complaint with the local prosecutor’s office about whether there was a delay in first aid operations at the hotel after it collapsed.

A local medical examiner alongside a cardiologist performed the autopsy on D’Argenio’s body on Thursday, and local media outlet Positano News said it would take up to 60 days to get the results of the exam.

After D’Argenio’s death, some of his friends started a campaign for defibrillators to be made available to young people in nightclubs in the area, in the hope that they could save someone’s life. a.

Cardiologist Raffaele Gerardo Piscopo told the online journal Ottopagine that the campaign was a “great idea” and added: “It is right to equip us with these semi-automatic devices which today also have a limited cost compared to few years ago”.

Mayo Clinic Says It’s Unusual For Men Under 45 And Women Under 55 To Have A Heart Attack, The Risks For People Over This Age Group Of Having Cardiac Arrest are increased by several factors, including lack of exercise and stress.

However, the possibility of a youngster having a heart attack has drawn attention in recent weeks after Danish footballer Christian Eriksen, 29, suffered cardiac arrest while playing in a Premier League soccer match. Europe.

On Friday, June 18, just days after Eriksen collapsed in a game broadcast on television across Europe, the Danish Football Association announced on Twitter that Eriksen had undergone successful surgery to have a pacemaker fitted.

The account also tweeted a statement from Eriksen, who said he “was doing fine under the circumstances.”

“Thank you for the massive number of greetings, it has been amazing to see and feel,” he wrote. “It was really great to see the guys again after the fantastic game they played last night. Needless to say, I will be cheering them on on Monday against Russia.”

News week contacted the prosecutor’s office for comment.

File photo of a doctor holding a defibrillator in his hands that will send a shock. A 22-year-old Italian man has died of cardiac arrest while attending the wedding of one of his cousins ​​last weekend.
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