8-Year-Old Discovers Million-Year-Old Prehistoric Megashark Tooth


A fossilized shark tooth of a species extinct for many years has been discovered by a curious 8-year-old boy.


Riley Gracely from Lebanon, Pennsylvania traveled to Myrtle Beach with her father, Justin Gravely, her mother, Janelle Gracely, and her brother, Collin. The family decided to take a look around Palmetto Fossil Excursion Summerville, South Carolina, looking for a find, which was later discovered by Riley, who was exploring the bases of large piles of dirt and gravel. Riley bent down and pulled out what he believed to be a tooth and when the object was finally searched it turned out to be a 4.75 inch tooth from a prehistoric shark.

In a email to Fox News Digital, Justin Gracely explained that employees of Palmetto Fossil Excursions said Riley’s discovery was significant given the species of origin of the tooth, its condition and its size. Officials confirmed that the tooth came from an Otodus angustidens, which is a species of megatooth shark closely related to Megalodon, the largest prehistoric shark in the world which measured 68 feet in length.

Officials believe megalodons lived about 23 to 3.6 million years ago and angustidens lived about 33 to 22 million years ago. It is estimated that the Angustidens were around 30.5 feet long, and according to the Palmetto Fossil Excursions group, “Just to give perspective – any [angustidens] more than 4 inches; is the equivalent of finding a 6 inch; [megalodon]And one [angustidens] at 4.75 inches; is the equivalent of finding a 6.5 inch megalodon tooth“.

Notably, Justin Gracely explained that throughout the family’s journey, they have found 7-8 species of teeth and that the family are avid fossil hunters, with 2022 being their third consecutive year of fossil excursions.

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