90 travel names for your future little globetrotter


If one of your fondest hopes for your little one is to imbue them with a sense of wonder and adventure, you should consider giving them a travel-related name. Choosing a name that evokes distant places is the perfect way to convey an adventurous spirit. Whether you like hitting the beach or searching for the best hidden gems a city has to offer, there’s a name that will capture your family’s love of travel while creating a cute nickname. Bonus: travel names run the gamut from common nicknames to unusual names that will stand out in a crowd.

Are you a jet setter? Then, taking inspiration from the cities you’ve visited is a starting point when looking for the right name for your new family member. After all, place names are getting more and more popular, even celebrities like Gwen Stefani (her son is named Zuma after Zuma Beach, CA) and Ethan Hawke (one of his daughters is named Indiana) participate in the act.

Even if you’re not a fan of place names, there are other ways to incorporate the love of travel into your baby’s name. From geographic terms that double as lyrical nicknames to names that literally mean “traveler” or “wanderer,” there are plenty of ways to add a touch of adventure to your baby’s life from the start.

Keep reading to find a list of the perfect baby names for your little globetrotter.

Travel names for little adventurers

  1. Atlas: Greek name meaning to carry, an Atlas is also a book of maps. The name conjures up images of someone who is always on the lookout for knowledge and leading others to explore the world.
  2. Bay: This gender neutral name is a lovely way to incorporate the love of water into your baby’s name. It’s even more perfect if you have a fondness for a particular bay, like Hudson’s Bay or the Bay of Bengal.
  3. Flambé: Even though it means “fire”, Blaze works as a travel name if you want a child who will blaze a trail through the world.
  4. Christopher: Meaning “bearer of Christ”, Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers.
  5. Cruz: Victoria and David Beckham gave their son this Spanish name meaning ‘cross’, but it’s also a fun alternate spelling of cruise that conjures up thoughts of lazy days on a boat or cruising the highway on a road trip. by car.
  6. Delta: A delta is where a river meets the ocean, making it a cute name to inspire your child to expand their horizons as they grow.
  7. Estonia: Directional names are gaining traction and Easton, which means “east facing place”, has a pleasant, lyrical sound.
  8. Erasmus: This old-fashioned name has a strong connection with the ocean thanks to Saint Erasmus, the patron saint of sailors.
  9. Faramund: A Germanic name, Faramund means “protector of travel”, making it a unique alternative to Christopher.
  10. Holiday: In the UK, holidays are called holidays, so this festive name is also suitable for anyone with the travel bug.
  11. Island : Meaning “island” in Spanish, Isla is also the name of a river in Scotland.
  12. Island: This rare natural name means “little island”.
  13. Jet: Want your child to be the coolest? So Jett, with its fast-paced connotations and imagery of flying off to unknown destinations, is the way to go.
  14. Journey: Meaning “journey,” Journey is a beautiful word name that works especially well for little girls.
  15. Way: Sometimes travelers have to start small – hence Lane, which means “path” or “little road”.
  16. Freedom: What is travel if not freedom? It may sound patriotic, but Liberty shouldn’t be overlooked by parents looking for a unique travel name for their child.
  17. Marina: Another for aquatic babies, Marina means “from the sea.”
  18. Meridian: This amazing and unusual geographical name evokes travels around the world.
  19. Miles: Meaning “soldier” or “merciful,” Miles is perfect for travelers who imagine their little one seeing the world with them.
  20. North: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made this directional name popular for girls when they named their eldest daughter North West.
  21. Odyssey: This bold name signifies an epic adventure, and it will definitely make your baby boy stand out.
  22. Ocean: The ocean spans the globe, making Ocean the ultimate travel name for baby.
  23. Pilot: Inspire your child to be the captain of their own destiny with the name Pilot.
  24. Quest: Q names are hard to come by, but Quest, which means “mission”, is loaded with meaning and sure to inspire your child to get the most out of every journey.
  25. Rhodes: Meaning “where the roses grow”, Rhodes has the added benefit of resembling roads.
  26. River: Name your child River if you hope they will be easy-going and always looking for new adventures.
  27. Ryder: Perfect for the little one who’s always on the go, Ryder means ‘messenger’.
  28. Marine: Like Pilot, Sailor evokes a child who takes charge of her own journey.
  29. Exit: As well as meaning ‘princess’, to sally is a travel term meaning ‘to venture off the beaten path’.
  30. Sky: A beautiful, easy-going name that conjures up images of the vastness of the world.
  31. Stay : A resident is someone who never stays in one place for long.
  32. Earth : Meaning “earth,” Terra is a sweet nature name that connects your little one to the beauty of the world.
  33. trip: Adding an extra “p” to the trip turns the activity into an adorable boy name.
  34. West: Another directional name, West also recalls the slogan of the gold rush era: “Go west, young man”.
  35. Wilder: Nothing says choosing adventure like naming your baby Wilder.

Popular place names for babies

  1. Adelaide: the capital of South Australia.
  2. Asia: the largest and most populous continent.
  3. aspen: a popular travel destination in Colorado.
  4. Dawn: a town in Arapahoe County, Colorado.
  5. Austin: a top tourist destination in central Texas.
  6. Bristol: the most populous city in South West England, as well as a fashionable travel destination in Tennessee.
  7. brooklyn: a historic district of New York.
  8. carolina: is part of the names of two southern states, South Carolina and North Carolina.
  9. denver: the capital of Colorado.
  10. Devon: a popular holiday destination in the South West of England known for its dramatic coastline as well as Devonshire cream tea.
  11. Diego: like in San Diego, like in the sunny port of southwestern California.
  12. Egypt: a republic in northeast Africa famous for its ancient civilization and iconic landmarks, such as the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx.
  13. Everest: the highest mountain in the world, located in Asia on the border between Nepal and Tibet in the Himalayas.
  14. Florence: a world-famous city in central Italy, a city on the Tennessee River in Alabama, a city in eastern South Carolina, and a city in northern Kentucky.
  15. Georgia: a state in the southeastern United States, as well as a republic in Transcaucasia.
  16. Harlem: the name of both a tidal river and a New York borough in the northeast part of Manhattan.
  17. Hudson: a river in eastern New York, a city in central Massachusetts and a city in southern New Hampshire.
  18. India: a subcontinent in South Asia.
  19. Ireland: a large island in the west of the British Isles.
  20. Israel: a republic in Southwest Asia, on the Mediterranean.
  21. Jordan: a country in Southwest Asia that is home to more than 100,000 archaeological, religious and tourist sites.
  22. kauai: an island northwest of Hawaii.
  23. Kenya: a republic in East Africa.
  24. kingston: a seaport and the capital of Jamaica, a port in southeastern Ontario (Canada), a city on the Hudson River in New York and a borough in eastern Pennsylvania.
  25. London: a metropolis in the southeast of England and the capital of the United Kingdom
  26. nara: a city in southern Honshu, central Japan, which serves as the main Buddhist center.
  27. nola: a nickname used for New Orleans, Louisiana.
  28. Odessa: a city in West Texas.
  29. Orlando: a popular destination in Central Florida that is home to Disney World and Universal Studios Florida.
  30. ounces: slang for Australia.
  31. Paris: the capital of France, a city in northeast Texas and a city in northwest Tennessee.
  32. Rio: as in Rio de Janeiro, the emblematic seaport of southeastern Brazil.
  33. Rome: the capital of Italy, a city in central New York, a city in northwest Georgia and the ancient Italian kingdom.
  34. Sahara: North African desert stretching from the Atlantic to the Nile Valley.
  35. sydney: the capital of New South Wales in southeast Australia and a seaport northeast of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia (Canada).
  36. Topanga: the name of a quirky town in the Santa Monica Mountains of California.
  37. Verona: a city on the Adige River in northern Italy and a city in northeastern New Jersey.
  38. Victoria: a state in southeastern Australia, as well as a seaport and the capital of British Columbia.
  39. Virginia: a state in the eastern United States and a city in northeast Minnesota.
  40. If we: a hill in Jerusalem on which the Temple was built and a city in northeastern Illinois.

Boy and girl names that mean wanderer or traveler

  1. Ashra: night trip; travel at night.
  2. Barbaric: traveler from a foreign country.
  3. Beatrix: traveler; traveler.
  4. Charaka: wanderer.
  5. Doran: pilgrim; foreign.
  6. Fernanda: adventurous; daring journey.
  7. Mareesha: she who travels a lot.
  8. Nestor: the one who returns from travels.
  9. Odin: eternal wanderer.
  10. Pear: traveler; pilgrim.
  11. Raahi: good travel companion.
  12. Sayyora: constantly in motion.
  13. stig: wanderer.
  14. wanda: shepherdess, wanderer.
  15. Wendell: travel, advance.

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