A world famous exclusive beef raised in Italy now raised and sold in EP


Chianina, the world famous Italian beef, is now raised and sold in one place in America, in El Paso, Texas.

Chianina beef is finally available in the United States via El Paso – yes, you read that right. El Paso is now home to some of the tastiest and most beloved meats in the industry.

The Chianina is one of the oldest and largest Italian cattle breeds in the world. Not only is Chianina meat tender and flavorful, it is also the leanest type of beef on the market. And with a fat content of 2%, this beef is perfect for dishes such as stir-fries, milanesa (breaded cutlets), cheesesteaks or even Korean barbecue.

Last year, the Huckabee family and Tuscan cattle owners received special permission from the Italian government to ship the embryos of Chianina cattle from Tuscany to enable the world-famous beef cultivation exclusively in El Paso.

Wondering what Chianina beef tastes like?

Well from what I hear it tastes the most buttery and is so tender that if sliced ​​thinly it can practically melt in your mouth.

Curious? Yum! Stop by this weekend where the Tuscan cattle, as well as the Facebook group, Support Local El Paso, will be showcased at the Country Club Farmer’s Market this Saturday starting at 10 a.m., preparing free samples of Chianina beef in the form of Korean barbecue.

Plus, if you like the buttery taste that melts in your mouth, you can also purchase a few pounds of the famous Chianina beef, which is now proudly raised exclusively in El Paso, Texas.

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