An insider’s guide to Lucknow, India


A good place for a snack?

“Be sure to try a Shahi Tukda – rich bread pudding – served with local custard. Almost any restaurant will serve it. After the kebabs, the must order in town is the dum biryanis – they are cooked in layers of meat, rice and spices – they are absolutely fantastic wherever you find them in Lucknow, but do order them if you visit Tunday Kababi or Oudhyana.

What is your favorite neighborhood?

“Gomti Nagar is a beautiful area for walking – open spaces, parks. It’s also relatively quiet compared to other parts of town.

Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow, IndiaGetty Images

Where should we go to explore the history of Lucknow?

“The Imambaras and the Rumi Darwaza (a magnificent gate and a shining example of Awadhi architecture) are picturesque and depict the impact that Mughal architecture has had on the city over the years. I recommend an early morning bike ride through the old town to see all the little mosques and walk along the Gomti river. There is a huge preservation project around the river which has been undertaken in recent years and along the bank you will find many Hindu temples with walking cows – it is quite magical in the morning before the crowds doesn’t happen and it’s too hot. ”

Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow, IndiaJane Sweeney / Alamy Stock Photo


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