BetWarrior: “Our agreement with the Argentine Football Association positions us as a local benchmark in times of high visibility”


BetWarrior has established itself as one of the most important online betting portals in Argentina. His May deal with the Argentine Football Association (AFA) helped cement that, and Yogonet conducted an exclusive interview with Leandro Rivas, general manager of the company in the country, to learn more about the scope of this strategy and other trading strategies of the operator.

Rivas spoke about the results of national team sponsorship and how the “great empathy” it generates in the audience is transferred to the brand. He also explained how the agreement with the AFA positions them as a local reference and what this means for the company.

Moreover, the businessman refers to the taxes imposed on the sector and how they can be counter-productive by promoting illegal gambling. “This type of measure discourages potential traders because it gives little predictability and drastically reduces margins, making them almost unachievable,” he said.

It should be mentioned that BetWarrior is owned by DAGMA, Inverclub and Nortia, parts with well-known operations such as the Palermo Argentinian Hipodromo, Buenos Aires Casinoand The Dania Beach Casino in Miami.

BetWarrior’s sponsorship of the Argentine national team marks the first time a company has been involved in Argentine football at this level after the city and provincial governments of Buenos Aires authorized the activity last year . What first returns or results have you observed since the agreement with the AFA?

The truth is that the agreement was a success in terms of distribution: the sponsorship was very well accepted in general, the brand had a very good presence in the media and the results were very encouraging for us. The national team crosses a great moment of empathy with the audience, and that kind of carries over to our brand.

BetWarrior made its debut as national team sponsor after the ‘Finalissima’ against Italy on June 1, when the national team won 3-0. How did you manage to capitalize on this sporting event? Have you changed your operations in any way compared to previous national team matches?

In addition to including special fees and launching match-related promotions, sponsorship is an opportunity in terms of brand outreach and user acquisition, and that’s how we tried to capitalize on it. The match against Italy generated enormous expectations: peaks of 35 audience points in TV broadcasting.

What does it mean to be the first sports betting sponsor for the national team, especially in the year of the World Cup?

Since the launch of BetWarrior, we have maintained the principle of being a world-class operator in terms of user experience, but with a strong local focus, especially in Argentina. The agreement with the AFA helps us to position ourselves as a local reference at a time of high visibility.

What impact do you expect to see in the short term on your operations ahead of the World Cup?

Being a sponsor of the national team gives us the opportunity and the responsibility to support this support with actions that make our users feel part of it. For us, it’s not just putting the AFA logo on our site, it’s above all generate promotional actions and content that allow our users to support the national team and feel part of this sponsorship.

We are confident that if we invite our users to participate in this sponsorship, they will join us, and this will mean growth and development for the industry in general and for our brand as a market leader.

The agreement signed with the AFA includes other national teams, such as the women’s team, futsal and beach soccer teams. What sporting events planned for these teams do you hope to capitalize on?

It is clear that the World Cup is an event that takes all the place during its development, but the agreement with the AFA lasts for 4 years and in addition to all the national teams, it also includes the Argentina Cup and the national team B.

The local cups, like the other national teams, have increasingly relevant commitments: the The Argentine Cup continues to gain relevance, women’s football is developing a lot and will play the Copa America in 2024 along with the men’s national team, the The U23s will participate in the Paris Olympics, Futsal performed well last year and no doubt begins to generate expectations, etc.

Argentinians are passionate about football, and whenever a national team plays, whatever the category, we will be there to support it with good prices and attractive promotional actions for our users. Our intention is that whenever the national team plays, our users will find a special benefit associated with that event or match. BetWarrior is the official bookmaker of the national team, and we want our users to be able to perceive this.

BetWarrior has the support of DAGMA, Inverclub and Nortia, renowned groups with a history and experience in the land-based gambling industry in Latin America, with recognized operations around the world. What resources and tools, such as databases, does it give you to be part of these business groups with these operations? Can you convert it into incremental value and competitive advantage?

Without a doubt, more than 30 years of experience in the gaming industry in the country and the region are a differential value for us. I think this is a benefit for both parties: local groups bring us experience, know-how and background in the land game; and we provide knowledge about online business, technology and sports betting.

BetWarrior started operations in the city of Buenos Aires and in the province of Buenos Aires in December last year. What is your assessment as operators on these markets? What challenges have you encountered and what lessons have you learned so far?

We were pioneers in launching in both markets, which was a very enriching experience for us. But at the same time, it presented us with the challenge of working with regulators who were learning and defining. I think we did a great job together, and the result was very positive. I believe both markets have a lot of potential, being one of the main challenges in working with regulators to ban unregulated operators, which still have a strong presence.

At the end of May, an agreement was announced between BetWarrior and iGaming industry content provider Pragmatic Play. What added value does this partnership bring you? What are your expectations for this?

At BetWarrior we are committed to providing the best gaming experience possible and in this sense the casino games on offer are very important. Today Pragmatic Play offers a very attractive portfolio of games for our users and the numbers prove it. We also work with other leading suppliers such as Evolution, Leander Games, Micro game, NetEnt, CT Gamingand Vivo Gaming. With each of them, we plan to continue to grow, adding more and more games.

On June 2, Decree 293/2022 was published in the Official Gazette, establishing a 50% increase in the indirect tax rate on online betting from 2%. This means that it will now apply within a range of 2.5% to 15%, depending on the condition of the organizer or operator. How could this affect BetWarrior’s operations in the country?

We at BetWarrior have made a huge investment to be able to offer a first class product that meets all the requirements and the highest quality standards in the world and it is well known that the tax burden of gambling is extremely high. Undoubtedly, this type of measure discourages potential operators because it gives little predictability and significantly reduces margins, which makes it almost unfeasible.

What is the company’s position on the increase in taxes imposed by the State on the industry?

Every tax imposed on legal gambling promotes illegal gambling, which all of us in this industry want to combat. We always have been and always will be open to dialogue with the various government entities to understand the origin of this type of initiative and also to explain our position.

Often, due to a lack of knowledge of the peculiarities of the sector, tax structures are proposed that generate the opposite of what is intended. Online gaming is a developing industry and I believe that the role of the state should be to promote and encourage investment to generate jobs and growth. Discouraging investment because of a higher tax burden is not the way to go.


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