Buzz kill for burglar after mosquito bit the dust


Fuzhou Police

The blood on the apartment wall.

Police in southeastern China’s Fujian province have solved a burglary case by analyzing the blood of a mosquito crushed against a wall.

The crime, which took place in a residential compound in Gulou district, Fuzhou city, was reported on the afternoon of June 11, Fuzhou police said on Saturday.

Judging by the evidence, the suspect probably entered the apartment from the balcony and spent the night. He had cooked noodles and eggs, lit mosquito repellent incense, and slept in the bedroom.

While examining the scene, the police noticed a dead mosquito with traces of blood.

Since the apartment was newly furnished, they felt it was unlikely the owners would leave such an unseemly sight unattended.

Buzz kill for burglar after mosquito bit the dust

Fuzhou Police

The police take blood from the crushed mosquito for further forensic investigation.

The police took the blood as forensic evidence for further investigation. After DNA analysis, they found it matched that of a man named Chai, who had previously been punished for crimes.

Chai was arrested in another city in Fujian Province late last month.

He was also linked to three other burglaries and confessed, police said.

This isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last criminal case in which key evidence against the suspect is drawn from mosquito blood.

In Sicily, Italy, the body of a strangled woman was found on a beach, and a man who lived in an inland area was established as a suspect.

In his accommodation, forensic experts found mosquito blood that matched that of the victim, which served as evidence to show that the victim had stayed there.

Buzz kill for burglar after mosquito bit the dust

Fuzhou Police

Chai confessed to the crime.


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