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I don’t remember where I first heard about the Enneagram, but I do remember a 2016 road trip to the Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas that really got me hooked. Imagine a minibus full of addicted 30-something moms Chip and Jojo (Joanna gaines), listening to hours of podcasts on the intricacies of personality.

The Enneagram is an ancient personality tool made up of nine numbers that correspond to nine fundamental motivations. Although it has been around for centuries, according to some sources, it has seen a resurgence thanks to social media and podcasts on the subject.

I interviewed the local Enneagram trainer Katie ruley Enlighten Enneagram for TulsaPeople in late 2020 and I struggled to contain my excitement when I found out that we share the same Enneagram number and the same wing: 1w2.

Number and Wing is a bit like a college major and minor in terms of personality. For us, the 1 represents our main motivation, to be / feel “good”, while we also have flavors of the 2… in my case, this manifests itself in a focus on fairness, equality and the satisfaction of needs of others.

In health or in stress, each number can take on positive or negative characteristics of its number, as well as numbers with which it shares a line on the enneagram. For example, when I feel safe I’m as fun as a 7, known to be the life of the party. When I am stressed I can focus on myself and get very emotional, typically traits of a 4.

My interview led me to book a coaching session with Katie at her home, followed by another and another. My husband and I met her together, and lately I went alone because I’m honestly more of an Enneagram fan than he is.

In Katie, I found a sound box and a cheerleader. We also share the same religious tradition which is an added benefit for me, although the enneagram is a secular tool that everyone can benefit from.

What Enneagram Coaching Did Me:

  • A better understanding of my passions and frustrations
  • A better idea of ​​my “blind spots” and a roadmap to better emotional health
  • Knowing how to better love my partner and my family
  • More thanks for people who don’t think like me (I’m still working on this one!)
  • Appreciation of the various personalities of humanity

Find more information about Enneagram counseling at In addition to individual and couple sessions, Katie also teaches the Enneagram at workshops and corporate events.


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