Charing Golf Tour, golf for a good cause


The Charing Golf Tour 2022 by Sprinklr, designed by patron Claudio Ongis of Bergamo, has been celebrating fun, friendliness, local development and solidarity on courses across Italy for nine years. The 2022 final at the Albenza in Bergamo was the culmination of an edition full of many innovations and satisfactions.

There was above all a lot of heart, essential to give the children of the Seraphic Institute of Assisi the joy of living fully. This time, Charing managed to exceed all expectations and hand over the sum of 130,000 euros to the president of Serafico, Francesca Di Maolo, during the gala dinner.

The Charing Golf Tour 2022 was played on six courses between northern and central Italy, namely Pustertal-Brunico, Antognolla (Perugia), Ca’ Amata (Castelfranco Veneto), Asiago, Alta Badia and Bergamo L’ Albenza.

Charing Golf Tour 2022, statements

The 2022 edition experienced, step by step, a Rossinian crescendo of diligence, participation and solidarity. “It was in Albenza the scene that I had dreamed of for years – says patron Claudio Ongis -.

We were hoping for a good result but we didn’t think that in two days from the opening of registrations, it would be complete. Not to mention the Pro Am which, from 25 teams initially planned, has grown to 38 members. A similar request caused us to have to change the start of the shotgun in stages”.

“For us – he continues – Bergamo has meant the culmination of a year as demanding as it is full of unforgettable emotions. It was wonderful to find many smiling faces of participants met in previous years and new faces won over by the cause.

We are sure that they are already part of this great community”. “The Albenza” hosted the village of Charing for two days. Here we breathed the air of inclusiveness. The beauty of socializing and feeling good together has been rediscovered.

In a friendly atmosphere, in Bergamo there were extra-competition services such as the Golf Clinic with maestro Francesco Rocca (son of art), the SNAG children’s area (equipment adapted to have fun and bring children to play), Baptism della Buca for beginners.

There was plenty of advice for discovering the neighboring region of Bergamo. During the gala dinner, guests and players alike enjoyed the five-course menu prepared by big names in Italian cuisine. We went from Giancarlo Morelli (Charing Ambassador), Claudio Sadler and Diego Crosara to two new entries, Eugenio Boer and Antonio Guida.

The next day, 38 teams brought the Pro-Am Invitational to life. A novelty of this ninth edition with the participants in the field, as well as with Costantino Rocca, also with professionals of the caliber of Massimo Florioli, Veronica Zorzi, Baldovino Dassù, Andrea Maestroni and many others.

We remind you that the benefits of the event are intended for the Seraphic Institute of Assisi, which has been caring for severely disabled children for 150 years. In the Umbrian stage, participants were able to visit the center in person and appreciate what until then had only been seen in videos.


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