Demonstrations: I am ready to leave the throne, declares Monarch Ogwashi-Uku


Omon-Julius Onabu in Asaba

Following a series of protests that have rocked different parts of the kingdom in recent times, Obi of Ogwashi-Uku in Delta State, HRM Obi Chukwude Anishi Okonjo II, said he was so concerned by the development that he would voluntarily leave his throne. at one condition.

The monarch said there was no iota of truth in the defamatory allegations against him regarding land sales in the kingdom, adding that it was laughable to say that Otulu, which is part of Ward 1 d ‘Ogwashi-Uku, was no longer part of his traditional domain.

“I think the allegation is absurd, very ridiculous. If I am involved in the sale of land (in Otulu), why should I go there to look into the issue of the illegal sale of land in the community? That would be accusing me. That does not make sense.

“What I’m going to tell you is that if anyone has any document bearing my signature for the sale of land, they have to present it and today I will abdicate that position. This is how I feel strongly about it.

“I didn’t sell any land. My father did not sell any land; but some of the chiefs under him sold land.

“The truth is, I am doing a major reform. Those of them involved in the land racket, I suspended them. And, that’s why you see a lot of crises. Those who want to continue this activity are really at the origin of the crisis.

“So if someone tells you that I’m involved, they’re telling you a lie. It’s just not me!

“Let them show you documentary evidence to back it up (because) talking is cheap.

“All kinds of people have come to make claims, and when they come to you with such claims, ask them to provide you with documentary evidence to support such claims.”

Nonetheless, the royal father insisted that the controversy over Otulu’s status was unfounded as “Otulu has been an integral part of Ogwashi-Uku since time immemorial”.

Okonjo also cited several legal and historical documents, including the now defunct Bendel State Gazette of 1983 based on 1979 and that of the Western Region Local Government Act of 1952, to support his insistence that the call for the autonomy of Otulu by the non-natives of Ogwashi-Uku was groundless and unjustified.

On Monday, members of Agidiase related to Ogwashi-Uku in the Aniocha South Local Government Area of ​​Delta State took to the streets of the ancient city to protest what they called the grabbing. and the indiscriminate sale of their ancestral lands on which successive generations of Agiase have practiced agriculture. and other activities.

Their decision to embark on a peaceful march through the streets of Ogwashi-Uku follows the recent protest at Government House Asaba by those they called a farmer’s group largely in Otulu-Ogwashi, calling on the government to grant the community monarchical autonomy.

About 10 days ago, the community of Otulu also made headlines following an attack on the convoy of Ogwashi-Uku monarch HRM Obi Chukwude Anishi Okonjo II by suspected thugs after a visit from consolidation of peace in the city, resulting in the death of a young man and the burning of cars.

A spokesperson for the demonstrators and for Agidiase’s parents, Elue Adigwe, said: “This peaceful demonstration is made necessary by the need to tell the general public that more than 80% of the crisis in Ogwashi-Uku concerns land issues. induced by Obi Chude (Chukwude) Okonjo in his claim to be the “Trustee” as well as the “Lord” and “Absolute Owner” of all lands in the kingdom of Ogwashi-Uku. “

He noted that the Nigerian constitution does not allow any “forced takeover of land ownership by an individual, regardless of their position in society.”

“We therefore call on the authorities, in particular the government of the Delta State” to call to order the monarch and his younger brother “to save the Ogwashi-Uku community from disintegration and terror”.

Protesters also warned the traditional leader of Issele-Azagba and others who recently claimed ownership of Otulu to stay away from the area as the community is still part of Agidiase’s landholding. for generations.

Another representative of the Agidiase family from Ogwashi-Uku, Sir Augustine Egbebue, said they were challenging “all those who still claim Otulu to publish their documents (including the Supreme Court judgment claimed by Issele- Azagba) and publish them or wait for us in court.

Inscriptions on some of the signs waved by the demonstrators read: “Otulu is an agricultural land of Agidiase; Governor, save us from autocracy; Azagba is the agricultural land of Agidiase; Obi cannot be “Trustee” and “Owner” of Ogwashi-Uku land; Ogbe-Ofu is part of Agidiase; Protect our human rights.


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