Draghi attributes vaccines to Italy’s economic recovery


Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Wednesday that Italy’s vaccination campaign was a key factor in its economic recovery from the pandemic, with growth expected to be 6% higher than expected this year.

MILAN – Italy’s vaccination campaign is a key factor in its economic recovery from the pandemic, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Wednesday after signing a document that forecast 6% higher growth than expected this year.

Draghi called vaccinations “an ingredient that has helped this recovery in the Italian economy”.

“The fact that we can work serenely in a company, that we can move around, that children and students have returned to school … it is in my opinion the fundamental ingredient for growth, that must be protected, “he said. .

The Italian government has raised the forecast for 2021 to 6% thanks to strong exports, the impact of government measures to support the economy, improved consumer and business confidence and a sharp reduction in new cases of the virus, Economy Minister Daniele Franco told reporters.

The growth trend looks set to continue, with a 4.2% increase in GDP expected in 2022.

“There is confidence in Italy, among Italians and the rest of the world in Italy. This is the other big news, ” Draghi said. Any new measures taken by the government must “contribute to equitable, sustainable and sustainable growth,” he said.

Public debt is expected to fall to 153.5% of GDP this year from 155.6% last year, which Draghi said was the “first quantitative confirmation” of what central bankers have long claimed: that the growth is the main way to tackle high public debt.

Draghi called repeated questions about whether he would consider replacing Sergio Mattarella as Italian president “offensive” when Mattarella’s term expires next year.

“It is the parliament which decides on the life, the horizons and the effectiveness of this government”, he declared. “This government was created to address period specific problems, and it is doing its job.”

He also clarified that the government, with a legislative term until 2023, would not cling to power beyond its usefulness.


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