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Mary McIntyre digs into archaeology.

And she seems to have her own personal dig in her backyard. McIntyre, who lives on Greenlane Road near Hawkesbury, pulled over with what looks like an unusual find. As she picked up a piece of shale a few years ago, it broke apart and revealed what she immediately recognized as today’s hashtag symbol — a “#” — or pound sign.

Philip Bradley recently shared what appears to be another find from McIntyre’s property – a piece of ossified stone he is struggling to identify. McIntyre showed the unusual stone, which looks like a piece of bone embedded in rock, to Bradley while he was working on a small construction project at her home. Bradley shares McIntyre’s fascination with ancient history and brought rock to The Review. The examination put Bradley in touch with a retired expert, who, in turn, sent photos of the find to a paleontologist. Read this story here.

McIntyre had put the boulder aside but when Bradley saw it he thought it was worth finding out more about it.

Similarly, McIntyre would now like to know more about the hashtag symbol that appears to be painted on a piece of shale.

McIntyre says when she and her partner moved to the property about 20 years ago, there was a pile of rubble that she says came out of an underground shaft.

There were shell and fern fossils in that pile of rocks, she said, adding that she didn’t know how deep the well was but thought it was about 12 feet deep.

“I’ve had it for a few years but I’d be really interested to know what it is,” McIntyre concluded.

Mary McIntyre left untouched what she assumes was some kind of white pigment used to write this symbol on this piece of shale. She says she picked up the rock and it just split open to reveal this symbol.
Photo: Louise Sproule


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