Italy Maenza village

Italy Maenza village

According to CNN, the Italian village of Maenza became the first in the province of Lazio in Rome to start selling properties for one euro. This project aims to repopulate Italian villages and attract tourism to remote areas of the country.

The first residences will go on sale on August 28, 2021; more homes will soon be available for customers. Hundreds of abandoned or vacant cabins in the region will however be up for sale shortly.

Mayor Claudio Sperduti told CNN: “We are moving step by step. As the original families contact us and hand over their old houses, we put them on the market through specific public announcements on our website so that everything is very transparent ”.

The municipal administration wants to “fight against the abandonment of the old medieval village in the city center”. It is located about 70 km south-east of Rome.

The buyer must pay 5,000 euros as a security deposit to restore the house in the Italian village of Maenza within three years. In addition, the deposit will be refunded once the renovation is completed.

The city will need a precise plan outlining how it intends to use its land. It can be a house, a restaurant, a business or a bed and breakfast.

The one-euro housing initiative began last year as Italy faced a decline in population in villages.8

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