How Xi’s response letters warm and encourage China’s international friends


BEIJING, October 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A report from the Global Times:

The Chinese believe that letters are as precious as gold. For thousands of years, letters, across mountains and oceans, have delivered writers’ feelings, friendship and expectations.

Over the past decade, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and Chinese President, managed to find time to answer some letters from everyday people despite his busy schedule.

Through his letters, Xi also corresponded with international friends from all walks of life on numerous occasions, forming part of a series of excellent stories from China international trade in the new era. The letters also added a vivid color to the diplomacy between China and other countries over the past decade.

He replied to the descendants of the international friends of China revolution and construction, whose contributions are always highly appreciated in China today; he responded to international students at Chinese universities, whom he encouraged to learn about China and share what they see here with their people back home; he also responded to primary school students who are benefiting from Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects and looking forward to seeing China with their own eyes one day.

Prior to the 20th CPC National Congress and over the past few months, Global Times reporters tracked down and contacted some of the recipients of Xi’s letters, to hear the inspiring stories behind the letters and their contents.

In the yard of a beijing hutong, Zhou Youma, the son of George Hatemthe first foreigner to obtain Chinese citizenship and join the CCP, told reporters how proud he was of his father’s choice to step forward alongside the CCP and the Chinese people, and how he was deeply moved that the Chinese head of state remembered the international friends who made valuable contributions to China development.

Inside the beautiful campus of Xiamen East China University Fujianan American professor who is dedicated to telling the world the true story of Chinais still too surprised after receiving a response letter from Xi, and remembers clearly that immediately after, about 500 congratulatory messages flooded his phone.

During an hour-long phone call, a Peking University student Italywho is fluent in putonghua with a local beijing accent, shared her experience of growing up in China and how Xi’s response letter to him and his peers further affirmed his determination to stay in the country and witness its future development and prosperity.

In a primary school in a Lao village with “ChinaOn its behalf, its retired director could not hide her joy and pride at receiving a response letter from Xi, while recalling how BRI projects have greatly improved the livelihoods of local residents and expressed his wish that the lasting friendship between the two neighboring countries will continue.

A letter weighs much more than you think. It can not only tell the story of a person, a family or a group of people, but also illustrate the history of a nation.

We will release two episodes to share some stories of how Xi’s responses have encouraged China international friends. This is the first installment.

“I firmly believe that the CCP has maintained its original aspiration to strive for the welfare of the people.”

Zhou Youma, son of George Hatemthe first foreigner to obtain Chinese citizenship and join the CCP

On September 14, 2021Xi replied to a letter from family members of some international friends, including Edgar and Helen Snow, George HatemRewi Alley, and Israel Epsteinpaying strong tribute to the said international friends who have fought side by side with the CPC and the Chinese people through thick and thin, and made invaluable contributions to China revolution, construction and reform.

Chinasaid Xi, always remembered their valuable contributions to China revolution, construction and reform and their sincere friendship with the CPC and the Chinese people, and will always cherish their memory.

In August 2021, 16 family members of international friends drafted and sent a letter to Xi. In the letter, they said they were proud that their family members had chosen to stand with the CPC and the Chinese people, and were ready to carry forward the internationalist spirit in the new era under leading the initiative of building a community with a shared future for mankind, and making new contributions to strengthening the friendship between Chinese and foreign people and supporting China in achieving the goal of the second centenary.

“I am warmed and encouraged by Xi’s response letter. I will always follow my father’s example, actively promoting the spirit of internationalism and cooperating with international friends to strengthen the friendship between the Chinese people and the peoples of the world, making the image of China and the more lively and charming CPC,” Zhou said.

“President Xi encouraged us to continue these efforts that we are trying to make in the bilateral relationship… It was a really exciting time for our family. I hope this relationship will continue.”

Adam FosterPresident of the Helen Foster Snow Foundation

“We wrote a letter to President Xi, signed by 66 members of the Foster family, and simply thanking the Chinese people for what they have done to celebrate Helen and honor her legacy,” Adam Foster told the Global Times. Helen Foster Snow was the great-aunt of Adam Foster.

On January 27, 2022Xi sent a response letter to Foster, pointing out that Edgar and Helen Snow actively promoted the Chinese Gong He (Gun Ho) industrial cooperative movement, and played an important role in the establishment of the Shandan Peili School in China Gansu Province.

The Chinese people, he added, bear in mind the contributions made by international friends, including the Snows, to China revolution and construction, as well as their sincere friendship with the CPC and the Chinese people.

In the interview, he expressed his hope that Foster and the foundation will continue to follow the Snows’ example and make new contributions to strengthening friendship and cooperation between the Chinese and American peoples.

“I was very touched to receive a response from the Head of State. It moved me and at the same time I understood that the responsibility on my shoulders as a foreign expert is now even greater than before.”

Timofey Bakhvalov, a Russian expert at the Foreign Language Press

In his response letter to foreign experts with the foreign language press in August this year, Xi encouraged foreign experts to do more to promote exchanges and communication between China and other countries, in building a community with a shared future for humanity.

In discussions with the Global Times about the reasons for writing a letter to Xi, foreign experts, including Burkhard Risse of Germanywho has been a German expert at the Foreign Language Press since 2020, and an English expert David Ferguson from the UK, said they wanted to talk to Xi about their work and how honored they feel to be part of the transmission China voice to the world.

Many foreign experts have also joined in the translation work of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China.

“I told President Xi in my letter that I was optimistic about China coming. Now I’m even more confident and more than willing to observe China development and tell the world what the real China is like in the following decades.”

William N. Brownbusiness professor at Xiamen University
“Witnessing China’s development and changes and sharing them with the world makes me fulfilled, happy and proud,” Brown told the Global Times.

On February 1, 2019Xi sent a response letter to Brown, praising the 30-year-old professor’s dedication to the educational cause of Chinaand said he was touched by Brown’s deep affection for Xiamen and the country.

“As an eyewitness to China reform and openness, you have represented Xiamen and Fujian Provinceand paints a true picture of China for the world. I really appreciate your attitude of integrating into the Chinese community,” Xi said in his letter, media reported.

Xi’s response came after receiving the book Off the Wall – How We Fell for China written by Brown, which is a compilation of approximately 50 letters detailing his life in China to his family and friends in the United States.

“It was a surprise and an honor that as a head of state bearing such great responsibility, President Xi still managed to write to me, an ordinary foreign teacher…” Brown said. , who thinks the Chinese stories he tells in the future will be even more wonderful.


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