I will miss the city, serving the residents


As election season returns to Rollingwood, I wanted to share with the community that I have made the bittersweet decision not to run for re-election to City Council this year. My family and I decided to pursue a unique adventure and move to Italy for the school year in order to give our children the opportunity to experience the cultures and countries of Europe.

There are so many things that I have enjoyed over the past four years that I will miss being a part of this amazing group of leaders and serving our amazing city.

I grew up in El Paso and moved to Austin to study at St. Edwards University. My husband Jon and I met here, have been married for 15 years and have three wonderful children. We moved to Rollingwood in 2009 because we fell in love with the friendly environment and wanted our children to grow up here. We have made so many special friendships over the years at Rollingwood. We love that our kids can run and play and have that ’80s style childhood that is fleeting in so many other areas. Rollingwood has some of the most wonderful and welcoming community members you can find.

I began my service to the city by serving on the Park Commission. I was motivated to serve because parts of our park were littered with garbage, old public works supplies and dumpsters. While we were on the Park Commission, we worked on cleaning up and restoring the park. What I’m most proud of from that time on is being part of the group that helped create the park’s first comprehensive master plan. This guidance document is still used today to inform decisions made about the heart of our city, Rollingwood Park.

I was first interested in serving on city council by working with my neighbors to fight traffic and speeding on our street. We rallied around and managed to persuade the council to put up two stop signs to provide extra safety for our children and all pedestrians. I also started working alongside City Council as a member of the MoPac South project subcommittee. This subcommittee ensures that Rollingwood has a meaningful and consistent voice in the development of the project design and works in conjunction with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority on solutions that protect property values ​​and the trade corridor in Rollingwood. .

Wendy hundley

The achievement that I spearheaded on City Council and am most proud of is our technology overhaul, which included a new website, live meetings, calendar management software and a platform. improved municipal form, including an integrated financial, construction and justice software system. I am so proud of our municipal staff for all of their work in making this a reality. Throughout my tenure, we have recruited exceptionally talented, capable and dedicated individuals who have chosen to serve our city. Without the daily hard work of our staff, we would not be able to function or achieve our common goals. We truly have the best staff!

I learned a lot while serving on city council. Most of the time, I gained experience weighing diverse opinions and finding common ground. Being on the board is not about getting what you want; it’s about finding a way forward aligned with the values ​​of our community. I want the community to know that the council members are your neighbors. We all care deeply and are all volunteers. I want new board members to know that we have a small staff and limited resources, and that it takes community action and collaboration, along with the work of our elected volunteers, to achieve common goals.

I hope Rollingwood will embrace our first global plan, which is nearing completion, and use it as a roadmap to take better care of our infrastructure, make strategic decisions that provide more convenience to citizens, and generate revenue opportunities that will ease the tax burden for our residents. I also hope to see improved municipal facilities to serve as a gathering space for community celebrations, be that safe haven in an emergency for our residents, and provide our staff with the space and tools to keep our city going. to work for us.

The best way to describe Rollingwood is this: Rollingwood is a small town in the middle of an urban jungle. It’s a safe place where you can still get to know most of your neighbors and where children can ride their bikes on the streets. We have trees and green spaces and a community dedicated to honoring and preserving all that makes Rollingwood the best place to live.

I have sincerely enjoyed my time serving the Town of Rollingwood and while I look forward to this next step for my family, I will always call Rollingwood home! If you have any questions or comments regarding city operations, I encourage you to contact Mayor Michael Dyson at [email protected] or Amber Lewis, our city administrator, at [email protected]

Wendi Hundley is a member of Rollingwood City Council.


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