Inauguration of the new Methodist Church in the center of Milo


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150 years ago

January 18, 1872

A sad accident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at the CV Bush premises near the village cemetery which resulted in the death of Charles Brennan, narrowly escaping the same fate of his son, James. Both were digging a well for Mr. Bush, in the treacherous sandy soil underlying the surface of this locality, and had dug it about twenty feet. At three o’clock in the afternoon, the dirt began to crumble, and the second slide completely covered Charles Brennan while the son was caught up to his waist. The latter seized the bucket attached to the windlass, and was painfully pulled out, just as a third fall of earth occurred, which buried the father under a mass nine feet thick.

Reverend Lewis Brasted, late pastor of the Barrington Baptist Church in the country, recently baptized in Lake Keuka, twenty-five converts, the fruit of a religious revival at the Wayne Hotel.

At the annual meeting of the Yates County Agricultural Society, held at Bush’s Hall on Saturday, January 13, 1872, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Dudley W. Dox, president; John Macome, vice-president; James D. Morgan, secretary; Oliver G. Shearman, Treasurer. The Board of Directors is comprised of Robert Robson, Barrington; William J. Rector, Benton; Frank Kenedy, Italy; Wm. B. Blanshard, Jerusalem; Daniel Ellis, Starkey; CD Dains, Milo; Peleg Gardner, potter; J. Ward Williams, Middlesex; William D. Swarthout, Torrey.

100 years ago

January 18, 1922

In Dundee’s most destructive fire for several years, CR Sworts’ gigantic hay storage barn and seven other buildings were destroyed on Tuesday afternoon, and it was only thanks to heroic efforts of a large number of men that the fire was brought under control. where it was. The fire was discovered around 4:30 a.m. and then confined to the interior of the hay barn. How it started is uncertain. Men had been there during the day unloading hay, and Mr Sworts had only been there shortly before the fire broke out. He states that when he left, there was no trace of smoke or fire anywhere and everything seemed to be fine. The fire spread so quickly that it was impossible to rescue all the cattle, and a colt and several cows were burned. Brave efforts were made to save the other buildings, but the meager fire-fighting apparatus was utterly inadequate for the occasion. Firefighters and onlookers are gradually pushed back as the flames leap from one building to another. The burnt buildings were the Sworts hay barn, a chicken coop, a long tool shed, three fertilizer houses, the bean house and the cooler, as well as two freight cars, one loaded with barrels of gasoline belonging to Wm. Wainwright, and the other loaded with wheat belonging to Watson & O’Brien.

The dedication service for the beautiful new Milo Center Methodist Episcopal Church will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday, January 24-25, beginning with Tuesday afternoon devotions and a feast of love. At 7:30 p.m. Wednesday there will be an evangelistic sermon and singing by the Central New York Conference Men’s Quartet and Church Choir.

The Barden & Robeson Corporation Board of Directors merged its interests with the United States Package Corporation, along with thirteen other companies, located in different states from Texas to New Hampshire. Headquarters are in South Bend, Indiana.

75 years ago

January 16, 1947

It’s been a big year for marriages and births in Yates County, with totals in these two classifications of statistics showing a strong upward trend, with deaths down a bit, down five from last year, and the lowest number of any year since 1942. In the county, births for 12 months hit a six-year high of 297, 52 more than last year, and marriages rose to 193, 61 more than last year and also another six-year high. Deaths were down five from a year ago, but 40 from three years ago.

In concluding the survey of Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital and the area it serves, the Rochester Regional Hospital Council points out that there are different methods that can be used to determine the number of hospital beds needed for a given area. The norm of four beds before 1,000 inhabitants would indicate an immediate need of around 72 beds for the region. If, as seems likely due to the predominant age group in this area, medical care needs in 10 years will require seven beds per 1,000 population, then the correctly dropped figure for the Penn Yan area would be 100 beds.

Announcements: Round and square dancing at Crystal Valley Grange Hall every Saturday night from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. with music from the Barrington Ridge Runners. Admission 60 cents. Barn Dance every Saturday night from 9 to 1 at Branchport Community Barn, a heated barn. Music by Royal Olde Tymers. Admission 60 cents. Special barn to palace dance with Melody Rangers by Max Raney himself. Round and Square. Friday, January 17, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Spinning Wheel Roller Palace, Penn Yan. Fireman’s Ball to benefit the Penn Yan Fire Department on Tuesday, January 28 at the Spinning Wheel Roller Palace. Semi-formal. Tickets $2.50 per couple. Dancing 9 to 1 with the music of Curley Johnson and his 8-piece orchestra.

50 years ago

January 20, 1972

A photo on the front page showed the walls of the old Wagner Motor Inn beginning to crumble during demolition. Iversen Construction Co. of Gorham had purchased the site, but no development plans were announced.

Another front-page photo showed the Lincoln Rochester Trust clock showing a temperature of 62 degrees on January 13.

The Dundee Scots continued to be the class wrestling team in the region and took their overall record to 4-0-1 by beating the Trumansburg Raiders 49-15 for the only victory recorded by the three local schools . North Rose-Wolcott beat Whitman 46-15 while PYA lost two games losing Canandaigua 46-9 and Elmira Southside 45-15. With no less than seven pins in the lead, it was an easy victory for Dundee. Bill Carruthers, Randy Cotton, Harold Smith, Mike Neufeld, Carl Davidson, Jerry Groom and Sam Marusarz won via the hairpin route. So far this year, Neufeld, Groom and Marusarz have yet to taste defeat for the Scots.

1972: The temperature hit 62 degrees 50 years ago, which might make a good day for golf at Lakeside Country Club like this band does here.

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