Is De Vermis Mysteriis a real book?


Chapelwaite’s occult book, De Vermis Mysteriis, is not real, but has a long literary history including Stephen King and HP Lovecraft

The plot of the horror series Chapelwaite rests on an occult book called the From Vermis Mysteriis, Latin for “The Mysteries of the Worm” – but is it real? Chapelwaite stars Adrien Brody as Charles Boone, a 19th-century sailor and ship captain who inherits a notorious mansion and mill after his cousin’s death, and a strange book soon comes into play. says the book has immense power, and two groups of vampires are arguing. Such a book does not exist in real life – but it was also not invented for the television series or the Stephen King short story on which it is based.

As the series progresses, it appears that her cousin Stephen and uncle Philip have returned as vampires. The ancestor of the Boones unearthed an ancient evil in the nearby mining town of Jerusalem’s Lot, the title of Stephen King’s story that the Chapelwaite The show is based on, and today, the town is the site of a distinct group of vampires with a cult-like devotion to the Elder Jakub and a mystical worm. Jakub thinks the By Vermis Mysteriis contains the secrets to resuscitate the worm and instruct Charles to retrieve it for him. He also tells Charles that because his ancestor wrote his name in the book with blood, the Boone family lineage is cursed, including the visions of worms that plagued Charles and his father. Philip and Stephen also want the book for their own needs but cannot find it as they are now vampires.

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There is no real world By Vermis Mysteriis, but the title has an unusual origin. The book originated from a 1935 short story by Robert Bloch in homage to Lovecraft, but is ironically best known for its use in the highly adapted universe of HP Lovecraft. In Bloch’s story “The Draft of the Stars”, By Vermis Mysteriis is described as a book by 15th century alchemist Ludvig Prinn, which contained spells that could summon dark entities. Lovecraft then referred to the book in stories like “The Haunter of the Dark” and “The Shadow Out of Time”, and it was included in Lovecraft-inspired works like the Call of Cthulhu Roleplay.

Chapelwaite - Adrien Brody

King’s short story “Jerusalem’s Lot” was heavily inspired by the Myth of Lovecraft, a world ruled by ancient gods with mysterious intentions. The final act of the story involves the resurrection of an ancient worm-like god and these ideas continued until Chapelwaite TV shows. Jakub even refers to the Worm as having existed before the Christian God, suggesting that it is an Ancient Lovecraftian.

Chapelwaitevampires are just one of the terrors of his world, and the existence of the By Vermis Mysteriis is an indication that there are still much stranger things to reveal. Like the Necronomicon, By Vermis Mysteriis is a fictional text rooted in Lovecraftian tradition, but inspired by 19th century ideas about witchcraft and the occult. Chapelwaite draws on such ideas to create a chilling historical horror.

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