Italy to hold referendum on decriminalization of cannabis after 500,000 petitioners in one week


“The speed of the support shows the desire for change in cannabis.

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Italy will hold a popular referendum after half a million people sign a petition to decriminalize cannabis.

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The campaign behind the petition will continue to push for signatures before the month-end deadline to ensure it stands up to scrutiny by the Supreme Court of Cassation, Italy’s highest court, reports Giornialistica Italia Agency.

“Legalizing does not mean promoting consumption, but making it safer and more informed,” campaign supporters said, by CNN. “If cannabis were legal, it would end unnecessary testing for small amounts of the drug and ensure that patients who use it to relieve their excruciating pain will never have to face court again,” they added. .

Although legal for medical and industrial use, cannabis is strictly regulated in Italy. Being found in possession of small amounts, typically exceeding 1.5 grams, could result in fines and the suspension of personal documents, such as driver’s licenses, or a court order for rehabilitative treatment, according to PevGrow.

Earlier this month, Italian media ANSA reported that reforms for small-scale cultivation have been approved by the Lower House Justice Committee, allowing residents to grow up to four plants at home. The reform measures also increased the potential sentence for trafficking from six to ten years.

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