Knightly Crickets Come to West Windsor Arts


CELTIC INFLUENCES: The Chivalrous Crickets will perform at the West Windsor Arts Center on July 9 at 7 p.m.

West Windsor Arts presents the Chivalrous Crickets, an up-and-coming Celtic-inspired folk band, in concert at the arts center on Saturday, July 9 from 7-8:30 p.m.

The music of Knightly Crickets cannot be defined by a single genre, but rather is a unique blend of Irish, English and American folk music.

“We love showcasing local talent and bringing people together to enjoy the arts in our community. Crickets come from all over the country but have found a home base in West Windsor during the pandemic,” said Aylin Green, executive director of West Windsor Arts. “After playing at a house party not far from the arts center word quickly spread – you need to hear this band.”

Founded in 2018, the group is made up of several musicians with very diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from traditional Celtic, English, Appalachian and popular music to early medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and other classical music. Each member sings and plays a variety of instruments, from bass to bassoon, violin to lute, and writes original, contemporary music deeply rooted in traditional and ancient sounds.

Founding members and sisters Genevieve King and Fiona Gillespie grew up listening to and playing Irish music. “The is a fairly established Irish music scene in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where we grew up, and where our parents played in a band there,” Gillespie said.

Other band members, including Genevieve’s husband (bassist Bradley King), grew up in various parts of the country and were influenced by a wide range of music from Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Tom Waits, to medieval and to classic.

“We’re a folk group that explores everything from early baroque to classical to old-time American folk,” Gillespie said. “We bring elements of each style into our arrangements. We are musicians from across the country who like to mix genres.

Five of the six Crickets will perform at the arts center on July 9: Fiona Gillespie (vocals, whistle and flutes); Geneviève King (violin, vocals); Paul Morton (guitars, banjo, bouzouki, theorbo, vocals, harmonica); Ben Matus (pipes, bassoon, vocals); and Bradley King (bass, vocals).

A question and answer session will follow the performance. Visit for more information.


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