Leinster Rugby | A summer of rugby and fun around the 12 counties


Leinster Rugby’s summer programs, proudly sponsored by Bank of Ireland, have again been a huge success this year on rugby grounds in all 12 counties, with over 4,570 girls and boys taking part.

As travel restrictions have been lifted, we have welcomed back the many different nationalities who attend our summer program.

This summer, Leinster Rugby, along with our host venues, were able to offer seven weeks of summer camps. 45 successful camps were held in the summer of 2022.

Leinster Rugby ran four different types of camps throughout the summer,

  • summer camps
  • Integration camps
  • School of Excellence
  • Language camps

As well as our own Leinster Rugby Camps, this summer our Community Rugby Officers have worked alongside some of our County Council Sports Camps across the province, to deliver the rugby section of these sports camps.

The camps were run by Ray McCabe, Stephen Maher and Billy Phelan and a massive team of Leinster Rugby coaches helped them accommodate the 4,570 attendees.

Some of the main stats for these camps include:

  • 30 summer camps were organized for children aged 6 to 12
  • 3,030 children participated in the 28 summer camps
  • 120 children participated in the first inclusion camps
  • More than 190 international students (from France, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Belgium and Switzerland to name a few) have participated in our three language camps
  • All our camps are open to girls and boys
  • Over 1,230 people participated in our four weeks of residential and non-residential School of Excellence camps

Speaking after the release of the 2022 summer schedule report, Declan Fassbender, Community Rugby Manager for Leinster Rugby, said: “This summer has returned to the summers we knew. Over 4,500 kids running in every corner of the 12 counties and beyond!

“It was really nice to see and hear that throughout the summer – with the end of travel restrictions – we have welcomed back the many different nationalities who come to the summer program to make new friends. friends and develop their game the Leinster way.

“Another exceptional year. Record numbers in all our camps this summer. Ray McCabe and Stephen Maher, program managers, say hello. »

Summer 2022 in numbers

Bank of Ireland Leinster Rugby Inclusion Camps

  • Four camps at St Mary’s College RFC, County Carlow FC, Clontarf FC and North Kildare RFC
  • 120 girls and boys participated in inclusion camps
  • 12 coaches spread over the five camps
  • Eight caregivers spread over the camps
  • 1:4 the coach-to-player ratio in the camps

Bank of Ireland Rugby Summer Camps in Leinster

  • 3,030 participants (boys: 2,731, girls: 299)
  • 30 camps across the province
  • 50 coaches spread over the 28 camps
  • 1:15 the coach-to-player ratio

Bank of Ireland Leinster Rugby School of Excellence

  • 1230 participants (1010 boys and 220 boys)
  • Four weeks of camps at King’s Hospital School, Palmerstown
  • 34 coaches
  • 17 residence staff on site with the children
  • 1:15 the coach-to-player ratio

The Bank of Ireland Leinster Rugby Language Camps

  • 190 attendees
  • Five camps
  • Six coaches
  • 1:15 the coach-to-player ratio

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