Lights, trees and more: Christmas 2021



Lights, trees and more: Christmas 2021

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December 1, 2021 – 4:19 PM

Christmas in Florence is always a magical time of the year. Here is the program of events organized by the City of Florence in December 2021.

F-Light Festival

Now in its sixth consecutive year, F-Light is one of the most important artistic light festivals in Europe.

Reflections is the title of this year’s edition of the Florence Festival of Light, which is promoted by the city of Florence and organized by MUS.E, under the artistic direction of Sergio Risaliti. From December 8 to January 9, 2022, Florence will come alive with light installations in some of the city’s most remarkable places and squares. The eagerly awaited projection mapping will return to Ponte Vecchio, the river facades of the Chamber of Commerce and the Galileo Museum, To San Lorenzo Square and piazza Santissima Annunziata. The light will also extend to residential areas, with trees shining brightly in Piazza delle Cure and Isolotto, no more stars spreading joy in Settignano and the San Donato Park, and a spherical composition in Dalmazie square, in addition to the decorations on the city ​​gates and towers. In addition, in the Sala D’Arme, at the Palazzo Vecchio, you will have time to discover the Marvellous exposure, organized by Sergio Risaliti and Stefania Rispoli, from December 8 to January 12.

“This year is the time for ‘Reflections’ and mirrors, to look within and understand who we are and where we are going,” explains Sergio Risaliti. “Reflect and hold a mirror to understand ourselves and recognize who we are among others. Reflections and mirror images from corner to corner, point to point, on buildings and squares. Christmas is also this spark of lights and reflections. A little joy after two years of darkness, in the darkness of the night, which we have known and suffered during the pandemic. It is a time of rebirth and change. The lights are reflected on the current of the Arno, a metaphor for the flow, the flow of time.

This year’s shows are made possible through the support of the Metropolitan City of Florence, with contributions from the Florence Chamber of Commerce, Terna and American Express, Unicoop banks and EuroAmbiente Green Solutions, and thanks to Firenze Smart.

Ph / Marco Badiani

The magical moment of the lighting of the lights of the fir tree is anticipated each year. The tree in Duomo square will be revealed in all its splendor on December 7 and marks a continuation of the generosity of the Val di Fassa, whose representatives bring down the spruce tree from the Trentino Dolomites. Go up to Michelangelo Square to admire the lights of Florence from above and marvel at the beautiful tree provided by Coldiretti, Italy’s leading farmers’ association. Back in the historic center, head towards Piazza San Firenze for a selfie with the pretty Christmas tree in front of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation headquarters. In the shopping center, piazza della Repubblica, marvel at the light show on the facade of the resident department store, while looking at the iconic carousel and tree decorated by the city of Florence. Equally magical are the decorations around the central market of San Lorenzo and the trees installed in the five outskirts of Florence.

Christmas dates for your agenda

December 7: 6:00 p.m. Lighting of the Christmas tree light, with the city’s Santas (Compagnia dei Babbi Natale) and a historical parade with holiday music around Piazza Signoria and Piazza San Firenze, sponsored by Andrea Bocelli

December 8: A group of Santas will perform in front of Palazzo Vecchio

December 11-12: Acrobatic show at Palazzo Vecchio

December 15: The mayor of Florence delivers his Christmas message

To usher in the New Year, there will be a series of smaller events in the historic center and the suburbs, instead of one big event. In the center, Piazza della Signoria will see an acrobatic show, light and musical projections, Carmine Square host a jazz music performance, and piazza Santissima Annunziata will be dedicated to the Gospel. Four events take place in the suburbs, at Piazza delle Cure, Bartali Square, Piazza dell’Isolotto, and the open area of San Donato Shopping Center, with activities dedicated to families and children from the afternoon.

Message from the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella

As I walk the streets of the city center, I often wonder if Florence is back to what it was two years ago. In 2019, roughly now, we were preparing to celebrate Christmas and New Years carefree. The city was full of Christmas lights, people, decorations and markets. We complained about the traffic and the lack of parking spaces, as Florentines like to do, and we were looking for places to meet up with family and friends during the holiday season.

I always like to walk around the city. The lights twinkle along the main shopping streets and the light shows of our F-Light Festival play on our buildings and monuments. We have decorated beautiful Christmas trees and are looking forward to family fun and music on New Years Eve.

But something has changed. You can feel it in the air. Two years of living with a pandemic puts us to the test. We felt moments of terror, hope and doubt. The eye of our mind is always etched with terrible images of overloaded intensive care units at the lowest point of the health emergency. Florence was empty and desolate: something we had never seen before. And then the mass vaccination campaign started, bringing hope for the future, and slowly but surely we tried to get back to normal life. Normal, but not the life we ​​had before. We have lost friends and family. We got sick and got better. People have lost their jobs or are suffering from psychological stress. And now that the infection rate is on the rise, we must once again show our resolve not to let our guard down. We cannot let the virus circulate again with impunity. It would be an unforgivable mistake to think that we had left all of this behind us.

This is why it is essential to approach these holidays with awareness and realism. Let’s continue to get vaccinated, believe in science, wear masks and act responsibly to protect ourselves, our loved ones and for our community.

Dear Florentines, tourists, international students and our foreign friends: Florence is ready to welcome you with her lights and her joy, but now is not the time for too much recklessness. I am sure we will have a peaceful Christmas together and avoid the risks as we look forward to a full rebirth in the near future.

—Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence

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