Mascia and Hausegger co-spokesperson for Europa Verde – Umbria


(ANSA) – PERUSE, DEC 11 – The members of Europa Verde-Umbria elected, both in the presence – in the conciliation room of the Municipality of Assisi – and online, the two new co-spokespersons regional.

They are Gianfranco Mascia and Eva Hausegger.

Mascia, founder of the Greens in Italy, has led many battles on the environmental front. Last summer, he completed his Clima Tour – 2,000 kilometers, between the north and the center of Italy – to present his book “Come Osate”.

“From today – declared Mascia – the journey of environmentalists in Umbria begins again. We must be available as a Green Europe Umbria for the citizens and for all the demands of the Umbrian citizens. This is why we created Just Green, a political delivery service, ready to intervene for citizens in the event of environmental problems. We will be an ecological sentinel in Umbria ”.

Eva Hausegger, head of an international project for the social and environmental activist and ambassador for environmental associations and committees, declared, among other things: “I will commit myself to giving a voice to the ecologists of the territory. I came to live in Umbria from Austria when I was 26, which is precisely the age at which many, too many young Umbrians choose other people’s places of residence.

We want to use all our strength to build together an active, ecological and young Umbria ”.

The co-spokesperson of Europa Verde-Verdi, Eleonora Evi, attended the regional assembly and underlined the importance of the roots in the territory of the environmentalists of Europa Verde. The MEP thanked the Green Europe members of Umbria for their commitment and for the work done in reorganizing the party in this region. (TO MANIPULATE).


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