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She meets citrus growers and puppeteers, and travels from the active volcano of Mount Etna to the regional capital, Palermo, a hub of rescue efforts at sea.

Sicily produces around 1.5 million tons of citrus per year. Near Catania, Sineb helps organic farmer Manfredi Grinaudi with the winter harvest. She also meets Enrica Arena, whose company “Orange Fiber” makes clothes from citrus peel.

 Documentation Eine Reise am Mittelmeer - Sizilien

Sicily has a dramatic history, and no one tells it better than the “Fratelli Napoli”, a long-established family of puppeteers from Catania. At the “Piccolo Teatro”, Sineb learns all about this famous performance tradition.

 Documentation Eine Reise am Mittelmeer - Sizilien

Sicilians have a special connection with “Mama Etna”, as they affectionately call the highest active volcano in Europe. Sineb accompanies the volcanologist Giuseppe Salerno to the summit up to 3,000 meters above sea level.

 Documentation Eine Reise am Mittelmeer - Sizilien

Then it’s back to the milder temperatures of the Mediterranean: Palermo is the capital of Sicily and has nearly 700,000 inhabitants. It was long considered a stronghold of the Sicilian Mafia, until the locals fought back. Sineb meets Chiara Utro of the anti-mafia movement “Addiopizzo”, as well as the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando, who helps people to rescue refugees at sea.

 Documentation Eine Reise am Mittelmeer - Sizilien

Finally, Sineb visits Modica, where she tastes the exquisite products of a local chocolate maker. Enough to encourage her colleague Jaafar Abdul Karim to join her, and the two compare their notes on their Mediterranean journeys.

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