Meet the Italian tattoo artist who transformed his London backyard into a thriving urban garden


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When Alessandro Vitale moved from a small town near Venice, Italy to a small apartment in London seven years ago, he found himself unconnected with nature. This urge to reconnect with the natural world put him on an incredible journey, ultimately building an urban oasis in his own backyard.

“I wanted to create my own neighborhood in an urban space”, explains Alessandro, “so that every time I go there, I feel like I am immersed in nature – as if I was disconnecting myself from the reality, the grayness of London, and I’m completely immersed.

Far from his daily work as a tattoo artist, Alessandro has built a successful YouTube channel and launched its own range of chilli seeds – while maintaining its extraordinary garden.

On social networks, Alessandro is known as Spicy Mustache, a nickname given to him by his partner. “My girlfriend was complaining that every time she tried to kiss me there was chili in my mustache, so she started calling me Spicy Mustache – and it all kind of turned into some sort. brand for me, ”he says.

The couple made headlines late last year, after Alessandro was able to produce enough food to feed them for several months. He says he still had to go to the supermarket for some things, but almost all of their fruit and vegetables were grown in his garden in Walthamstow, north-east London.

Where to start to create an urban garden?

What is perhaps most fascinating about Alessandro is that he started out as a novice, inspired by what his grandfather taught him as a child.

“I started out on a balcony so I didn’t have a lot of space but started growing things in pots,” he says. Starting with a few chili seeds, Alessandro quickly realized that he not only had the passion of growing his own food, but the skills as well. However, it is difficult to grow huge amounts on a London balcony.

“At one point I kind of felt the need to move into a bigger house with an open space to the outside,” he explains, “since then I’ve kind of been hooked on have an outdoor space. “

Her dream for Spicy Mustache, on Instagram and YouTube, is to show people just how accessible gardening and growing your own food can be. Not everyone needs to have an elaborate greenhouse or acres of land – it is possible to start with a single pot on a windowsill.

Watch the video above to learn more about Alessandro’s low-impact lifestyle.


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