Meet the town crier carrying on a centuries-old tradition in a Cheshire town


An age-old British tradition is kept alive in Cheshire by a man who brings a modern twist to the workplace. Devlin Hobson, from Nantwich, has already been voted Britain’s best town crier, and he loves the role so much he’s offering his services for free.

“I can read the news,” he said. “I am appointed by the city council and we can read whatever the council asks of us.

“If there are any stores that need a special request, I can do that. If someone has just gotten married, I can give them a proclamation when they leave the church and introduce the newlyweds to the audience.”

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Devlin was appointed by Nantwich City Council in January this year after several years as Middlewich Town Crier.

While it’s certainly a dying art, there are still around 230 town criers across the country, and he explains that to be considered a professional town crier, there remain strict rules and traditions. to be continued.

“To be a true professional town crier, you have to be appointed by a council and then belong to two guilds in this country,” says Devlin.

Devlin Hobson, Nantwich’s own town crier

“One is the Ancient Honorable Guild of Town Criers, and the other is the Loyal Company of Town Criers, of which I am a member of both, and at that time, then yes, you are a proper town crier and professional.

“Another town crier asked me a while ago and they were like ‘you look and sound as crazy as all of us, how does it feel to be a town crier?’ And I thought about it and I tried and I really enjoyed it, it’s great, to be the town crier of Nantwich, it’s a great honor to be an ambassador for this wonderful, wonderful city of Nantwich.

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