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In case you haven’t noticed, you receive many messages every day.

And to add to that statement, your posts come in a variety of formats. Yes, many messages and in many formats.

If you haven’t started counting your daily post types, start counting now. You receive verbal messages, non-verbal messages, hand signals, someone’s gaze, posture, the sound of their voice, and the gestures of their hands as they speak.

And these formats are just the beginning. What about those phone calls, letters, text messages, emails and all the messages you might receive from all your social media platforms? wow! The amount of messages we receive every day is mind-boggling and we take them for granted.

Why do we take them for granted? Maybe it’s because they are part of who we are — we grew up in them. So, no big deal, right? Oh no! Messaging is a very big deal and has evolved over the centuries to where we are today. Even those anonymous people who lived in caves long ago messaged each other – wouldn’t it have been interesting to see how they “talked” to one another ?

Of course, everything around us also sends us a message. Clouds in the sky predict weather events. The sound of trees tells us how comfortable we will be when we walk – whether the wind will be stimulating or pleasant. If you know any birds, you can tell how their day is going by the sound of their chirps. Looking at the leaves of the trees tells us how the tree is doing and, even, what season of the year it is. Nature speaks to us. Have you already answered this?

A few months ago, my New York-based grandson visited the aircraft carrier Intrepid. The ship is retired and has been turned into a naval museum. Our grandson was captivated by the ship – its huge size and all the information he could read and learn about the ship. A picture was taken of him standing in front of a bulletin board showing Morse code. Hmmm… I know something about this code. Maybe, just maybe…

I will call our grandson Aksman, it’s easier for me. He knows I was in the Navy and when I told him I was involved in Morse code, we thought it would be fun for me to teach him code. So Morse code books were bought and weekly classes started via FaceTime. For the first time in a long time, we’re spending time together and talking about what’s going on and, of course, doing our Morse code lessons. He knows the code is part of the story, but it connects us.

The Code is like so many other things in life that send messages to us. Think back to all those influences that you receive every day that affect your daily activities. By the way, food and wine also send us messages.

A long time ago, sipping wine was, well, just that, sipping liquid. Then, like Aksman, I started listening to the wine and trying to figure out what message it was sending to me via my eyes, nose and mouth – the sensory elements we use to receive and decipher messages from objects that pass through us. surround.

I learned that wines have many different textures, scents, tastes and finishes. In them, I found the message of wine.

Take for example, Cavit Riesling – a very good Italian wine. Italy isn’t much like Riesling (the Germans do a good job of promoting it as their premier wine.) but the Italians grow the grapes in the northern mountains and the resulting Cavit is a semi-sweet wine. with delicious citrus flavors. supported by some acidity. He tells me about the history of northern Italy and the beauty to be found there.

Well, since we know that Riesling can be grown in places other than Germany, let’s taste a Sterling Riesling from the Central Coast of California. The message here is drier with lots of peach/apple flavors and a crisp finish. The wine tells me the environment is warmer than Cavits, has a longer growing season and therefore tastes great. I never tire of his message.

Speaking of apple and peach flavors, I get a similar message from 101 North Chardonnay. The wine reminds me that a Chardonnay should taste creamy/buttery with a sweet edge. This wine can speak to me at any time.

Yes, we get messages from everything – we just need to realize it, embrace it and grow with it. May you receive endearing messages…

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh recklessly!


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