Newen Connect concludes an agreement on the subject of a quartet of thrillers from Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark


EXCLUSIVE: French distributor Newen Connect has struck its first-ever deal with North American streamer Topic, selling exclusive North American rights to four European shows.

Topic, owned by First Look Entertainment, has taken over Sky Italia Christian, SVT Sweden Dough, Dutch series The Spectacular and Denmark TV2 white sands as it seeks to expand its catalog with thrillers from around the world. Deadline revealed earlier this year that the streamer has focused on “high crime and suspense” dramas and documentaries.

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The agreement covers a wide range, with Christian focus on a man who earns his living doing dirty work for a criminal boss, Dough spotlighting a divorced and financially challenged mother in a Stockholm suburb who begins to lead a double life, The Spectacular following an academic recruited to investigate IRA attacks on British soldiers in the Dutch region of Limburg and the ‘black beach’ white sands explore an expert undercover and homicide detective in a seaside town.

Newen EVP Distribution Leone Connell said the quartet represents “some of the best thrillers on our roster”.

“Newen Connect does this so well, distributing strong series from across Europe, each featuring innovative and captivating storytelling,” she added.

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