Nollywood movie ‘Mai Martaba’ will screen at Warner Bros. Studio on November 5


MAI MARTABA (His Royal Highness)

“I am pleased to announce that Mai Martaba, produced by Egor Efiok and directed by Prince Daniel, a 300-actor film set in Northern Nigeria, also featuring camels, donkeys and horses respectively, will be exclusively screened at @hollywoodweeklyfilmfestival & Awards Ceremony at Warner Bros. studio. in Burbank, CA on November 5, 2022. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew!!! – Producer, Egor Efiok announced on Wednesday.


A story of power, love, greed and betrayal.


BADURU, a wealthy merchant, emigrated with his family and settled in Gadash, an ancient city which later became JALLABA; named after the merchant’s brave son, who ascended the throne several years after his father’s death.

As kingdoms subjugated kingdoms, Jallaba extended its control over other territories and became a very powerful emirate with ZAFAMU of the Agadashawa clan, as king.

As the wars subsided, the emirate fell asleep and internal politics took center stage, leading to the overthrow and murder of Emir ZAFAMU.

From then on, some powerful elements in the emirate vowed never to allow anyone from the Agadashawa clan to return to power.

Zafamu’s cruel murder paved the way for JALLABA’s eventual enthronement as a king who ruled the kingdom with an iron fist and protected his subjects from outside aggression.

Long after the disappearance of Emir Jallaba, his lineage continued its dominance until King SANAYA ascended the throne.

To further ensure that the Agadashawas would never return to power in Jallaba, King SANAYA made a decree which has become a tradition, that all successive emirs would voluntarily step down from the throne and appoint a successor within the Jallaba clan. to take over before old age.

On his deathbed, Sanaya named his daughter, Princess SANGAYA, to succeed him.

This decision escalated into a new crisis within the ruling house, especially since a faction of the family claimed that there was an agreement signed by King Sanaya, according to which MAGAJIN GARI, a traditional leader and ally leading, would succeed him.

Sanaya has broken the sacred accord and the forces are now at war with each other, all claiming claims to the throne.

As intrigue thickens and the kingdom slides into utter chaos, who will ascend the throne? Is it the chosen princess, the aggrieved faction of Magajin Gari, or the long-fallen Agadashawa clan plotting to return to the throne?


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