Nostalgia: Macclesfield town and curiosity of the ancient park


Photo: Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

This week’s selection of images features a fascinating combination of photos from the early 20th century to mid-century, from downtown to outlying areas.

Our cover image shows a scene from 1910-1919 of a view of shops and the Golden Lion pub on Macclesfield’s Mill Street.

Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

The ‘Padlock Brown’s’ hardware can be seen on the left under the large padlock panel.

Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

This black and white postcard from around 1915 shows The Fence Alms Houses, Macclesfield.

The brick houses with stone plasters and false half-timbering are preceded by a low wall with ornate handrails while three boys can be seen leaning against the wall.

Built in 1895 on Buxton Road, they were donated to the city by the Brocklehurst family who were silk manufacturers.

The buildings are Grade II listed and served as housing for poor married couples, widows or single people.

Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

Macclesfield West Park as seen circa 1915, in a view across the park, while to the left are two young girls next to a big wheel pram and a large stone urn to right.

West Park is a 15-acre park dating back to 1854, with the park originally funded by local Macclesfield workers.

Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

A photograph taken in the 1950s shows a large boulder in West Park, Macclesfield, where it had been moved from a field near Oxford Road in 1857.

Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

A view of West Park circa 1915 with benches and a large stone urn surrounded by balustrades in the foreground, with the Macclesfield Infirmary visible behind the trees.

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