Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Landmarks Diamonds and Pearls Fans Should Recognize


The Hisui region, part of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, is an older version of the Sinnoh region, seen in Generation 4 games and their remakes. Naturally, the game is full of nods and references to diamond and pearlfrom ancestral characters to musical cues.

What will be most obvious to players are Hisui’s landmarks, especially locations that are slightly different than they were in modern Sinnoh. It’s an exciting opportunity for players to see how the locations they became familiar with in Sinnoh began as part of Hisui. It is fascinating how advances in human technology have shaped and altered them.


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Oreburgh Gate

Pokemon Legends Oreburrow Tunnel

To the far east of the Obsidian Fields, a relatively simple cave will take players from the mountainous edge of The Heartwood to the lower, flatter area of ​​Grueling Grove. The location is called Oreburrow Tunnel, but over the years the name of this location has become Oreburgh’s Gate.

The Oreburgh Gate is the first cave players would encounter in diamond and pearl. There isn’t much of interest inside, as it merely serves as a straight tunnel between Route 203 and Oreburgh City, the location of the first Pokemon Gym battle. It’s hard to imagine exactly where Oreburgh City would fit in the Obsidian Fields, but the mountainous area on the south side of the gate would no doubt be significantly carved out to fit the city, as well as the mine. for which she would become famous.

eternal forest

Pokemon Legends Heartwood

Players with keen ears will realize which area is an older version of Eterna’s Forest as soon as they enter it. The background music to The Heartwood is a beautifully remixed version of the Eterna Forest theme. The game is full of musical references like this that can help orient the player in the world.

Clearly the time hasn’t come to The Heartwood yet, as Eterna Forest – the path players take to get to Eterna City for the first time – is much denser with trees, all of which are much more big. diamond and Beads version of Eterna Forest was quite dark, with rays of light shining through, indicating how much the trees had grown over the years. Seeing the forest in its early stages is a nice touch.

Floaroma Meadow

Pokemon Legends Shaymin in Floaroma Meadow cropped

One of the most colorful places in Sinnoh is the huge flower meadow connected to the town of Floaroma. This town doesn’t have much to offer the player other than a detour to the Valley Windworks, but they are nowhere to be found in Hisui. However, the town has forged a strong connection with Mythical Pokemon over the years.

In the remakes, brilliant diamond and shiny pearl, players need to go to Floaroma Town to collect the Jirachi and Mew rewards. This is also where the Gracedia Flower can be obtained, granting access to Shaymin’s Sky Forme. Speaking of Shaymin, it’s the key to creating the grassland. When players first go there, it will be a withered and dead place; however, a post-game quest (only available if players have a Sword and Shield save-file on their Switch) will cause Shaymin to restore the beauty of the place.

The lakes


One of the few places that are not only unchanged but even bear the same name, the three lakes of Sinnoh have always been an integral part of the region’s mythology. Even going back to the Hisui era, the three spirits Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie hide in caves amidst massive lakes.

The only slight change to the topography is that Acuity Lake and Valor Lake have an outlet waterfall that has formed a river. Now such waterfalls or rivers exist in modern Sinnoh, but other than that they are virtually identical recreations.

The Grand Marais

pokemon legends arceus charm lost in the swamp

Original Players diamond and pearl are likely to remember well the swamps in and around Pastoria City, site of the 4th player Pokemon Gym Battle, if only for how often they got stuck. Route 212 is covered in swampy terrain that coaches will sink into if they are not careful. The area around Gapejaw Bog and Sludge Mound in the Crimson Mirelands are Hisui’s representation of this.

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More importantly, however, is The Great Marsh, which served as Sinnoh’s version of the Safari Zone. It is heavily modernized at the time of diamond and pearl, crossed by a railway line and clearly demarcated. However, in Hisui, anything from Scarlet Bog to Veiled Ruins could be included in this area.

rigid mountain


The topography of northeast Sinnoh is a bit dodgy in Pokemon Legends. In modern Sinnoh, Stark Mountain is located on an island known as the Battle Zone, home to the Battle Tower, quite a distance from the Sinnoh mainland. However, in Hisui, this island doesn’t seem to exist yet, and Stark Mountain is only a short walk from the mainland.

Although there are many years between the two games, continental drift usually takes millions of years to have a significant effect, which is much older than Pokemon Legends is defined. This suggests that the volcano on Firespit Island in the Cobalt Coastlands may not be Stark Mountain, but there is a key piece of lore that contradicts this theory. Players will enter the volcano after the game and find Heatran waiting to fight them, which confirms the location is indeed Stark Mountain, as this is where Heatran returns to sleep in diamond and pearl.

Turnback Cave


A location that has been drastically reduced to Pokemon Legends, Turnback Cave is just one room in Hisui. This is important because in diamond and pearl, the place is a twisted maze where Giratina hides. However, both locations have the same name, which has interesting lore implications.

As the player will catch Giratina as part of their travels in the Pokemon Legends after the game, maybe, when this trainer passes and Giratina is freed, she returns to Turnback Cave. This time rather than staying in the small cave, he uses his powers to warp the place and hide. The place can then serve as a bridge between the real world and the distorted world, where he lives.

celestial city

Pokemon Sky City Diamond Pearl

Calling the place a “town” at some point Pokemon Legends is a stretch, but players can clearly find where the city will eventually be founded. Celestic Town was built in the shadow of Mount Coronet and has a strong connection to Sinnoh mythos. Champion Cynthia lives in the town, and her grandmother teaches the player the Lake Trio in the ruins.

The Ruins Cynthia’s Grandmother shows the player to be in the Primeval Cave in Coronet Highlands. It’s a little bigger than in diamond and pearl, but the location is perfect, and there’s a wall of symbols there, which Volo explains is about legendary Pokemon. Its biggest feature in the plot is as a source of original ore, which is needed to catch the game’s final boss.

Snowpoint Temple

Pokemon Legends Temple Snowpoint

Much like Stark Mountain, the location of the Snowpoint Temple doesn’t really make sense relative to where it is. diamond and pearl. The temple becomes accessible in the Gen 4 games post-game, and the player will solve sliding-floor puzzles there to awaken Regigigas. In Pokemon Legendsplayers must instead climb to the top of the temple to unlock Braviary.

What doesn’t make sense is the location of the temple on top of a huge cliff. It’s at the same elevation as Acuity Lake, which it’s supposed to be, but there’s no physical place for Snowpoint City to fit around it, one of diamond and pearlbig cities. Admittedly, Snowpoint is a relatively small town, but it also has direct access to the river, which in the Alabaster Islands is at the foot of the cliff.

spear pillar


It is one of the places where players can see creation throughout the history of the game. When players first reach the top of Mount Coronet, they will discover the Temple of Sinnoh. This building has a similar design to the Acropolis of Athens, and inside the houses there are statues of all Noble Pokemon players standing still throughout their journey.

During story events, one of Dialga or Palkia will unleash an energy blast that obliterates the temple. Once the temple is torn apart, players may recognize its new look as the Spear Pillar, where the climactic events of diamond and pearlThe story unfolds, with broken pillars and rubble around the edges.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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