Quality Street is launching a mega box this Christmas and you won’t believe how many are inside


If you love Quality Street, you’re in for a treat this Christmas.

Nestlé has launched a mega box of goodies and it weighs a whopping 2kg – that’s over three times what you get in your typical 650g plastic jar.

We’ve taken a look at what you get in the giant box, which sells for £ 15 at B&M and a bit more at Amazon.

There were 203 chocolates in total including all the favorites we all know and love.

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But depending on which ones you like the most, this will probably dictate how happy you are with the contents, as the number of each chocolate varies widely.

The contents of the Quality Street mega-box

Perhaps controversially, there were more coconut ̩clairs than anything else Р25 of them in fact, followed by orange cream, of which we found 24.

There were 23 each of the Strawberry Delight, Toffee Penny and Toffee Finger, followed by 22 of the Fudge.

Fans of the green Milk Choc Block might be disappointed to learn that there were only 10, with 11 each of the Orange Chocolate Crunch and The Green Triangle, 12 of the popular The Purple Ones and 19 Caramel Swirls.

The 2kg box contains more than 200 chocolates

Here is the list in order

  • Coconut eclair 25
  • Orange Cream 24
  • Strawberry delight 23
  • Caramel Penny 23
  • Caramel Finger 23
  • Fondant 22
  • Caramel Tourbillon 19
  • Purple 12
  • The Green Triangle 11
  • Orange Chocolate Crunch 11
  • Milk chocolate block 10

Which chocolates will you eat this Christmas?


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