REVEALED: The best Italian city breaks for sensational food, culture and landscapes


First, we were banned from vacationing abroad. Then mind-blowing travel restrictions tried their best to put us off as well. But now, finally, easier overseas travel is back. And what better way to celebrate than with an impromptu city break?

To re-immerse yourself in the wonderful world of fine cuisine, breathtaking landscapes and culture, there is no better place to start than Italy. And thanks to Jet2CityBreaks, disappearing for the weekend has never been easier.

With flights, accommodation, and luggage included in their packages, you just have to think about where you’re going first. Here are some inspirations for you …


Colorful villas clustered on cliffs overlooking the sea, the aroma of fine espresso in the air and the majesty of Vesuvius towering proudly above the city – Naples is stunning on every level.

Less than three hours by plane from the UK, this iconic Italian seaside town is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway – and travelers will be spoiled for choice during their short stay there.

Immerse yourself in the laid-back Italian way of life as you stroll the cobblestone streets as life warms up here in the morning, snapping photos of pretty churches, or watching locals settle into a cafe.

Then the world is yours. History buffs might want to delve deep into the city’s ancient labyrinth of underground lanes, also known as the Catacomba di San Gennaro. Generations of bishops have been buried in this surreal yet fascinating world under the streets.

Of course, if you fancy keeping your head above the ground in the sun, the wonders of ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum are only a short boat or bus ride away. And if you don’t top up your tan overlooking the Bay of Naples with an ice cream or pizza in your hand, you’ll be wrong somewhere.


Italy is a laid back place. It is a fact. But if you want a laid-back vibe and cafe culture then Pisa, home of the famous Leaning Tower, is for you.

Situated on the banks of the Arno, pretty Pisa has a lot to offer for those in need of a change of scenery. From lush, leafy parks to galore riverside bars and restaurants, not to mention a plethora of fantastic museums, galleries and gardens (such as the Pisa Botanical Gardens – and an absolute must!), You will easily find yourself simply busy when leaving your hotel room. No cumbersome planning required.

It only takes a weekend in Pisa to feel like a local. Especially if you make the most of the city’s aperitif culture and sample as many of its riverside bars as possible during your visit …


Not far from Pisa is one of the lesser-known towns in the Tuscan region, Lucca. But make no mistake – just because it’s a little off the beaten tourist track doesn’t mean it’s not worth a weekend of your time.

The most characteristic feature of this city has to be its walls, a Renaissance relic that encompasses this area of ​​clock towers and sunny squares.

Wine lovers will love walking around the city’s perimeter as it is surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see, while foodies will want to stay within its walls for hearty Tuscan cuisine. Creamy tortellini and rich, healthy stews are on the menu at every tavern in this Italian Wood Pass. Or, as winter approaches, expect hearty feasts of wild boar and pheasant cooked to absolute perfection. Bellissimo!

Abandon your culinary exploits through the winding medieval streets of Lucca – a must for those wishing to get away with a romantic getaway.


It takes a little over two hours to get to one of Italy’s most famous cities: Florence.

Shopaholics will love nothing more than heading to designer boutiques in search of the latest fashions, while the Uffizi Gallery invites all those with a fine art sense. Or, if you prefer something away from the crowds, take a look at the city’s well-established marbled papermaking industry; you can even see artisans marbling the paper by hand in their shops if you look closely.

Florence is of course famous for Michelangelo’s David and Cellini’s Perseus, but you will also find a lot of beauty outside. The Renaissance Gardens of Boboli are a wonderful place to sunbathe or enjoy an iced coffee with a view, while further out of town the walled rose garden of Giardino delle Rose offers stunning views of this beautiful town. From here you can even see the famous dome of the Cúpula de Santa María del Fiore, which is all the more enchanting when you are surrounded by the scent of roses.


An essential city break for any worthy traveler is the capital of Italy – and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

According to an ancient legend, the twins Romulus and Remus founded Rome around 750 BC, and a lot of stories have happened since then, which you can see everywhere you go.

From the Roman Forum, where the ruins of the temples and government buildings that defined the world’s greatest empire still stand, to the 18th-century Trevi Fountain and Baroque Spanish Steps (conveniently located near stunning gelaterias), this place is a story – a lovers’ wonderland.

While you are in the city, you are only a short walk from Vatican City, the smallest country in the world and the home of St. Peter’s Basilica. Artists, photographers and historians will find it all too easy to spend a day getting lost in the museum here in all its glory. And let’s not forget that this small country is also home to one of the most famous sites in the world: The Sistine Chapel.

Don’t feel too bad if you can’t fit everything in during your short stay in Rome; at least you’ll have an excuse to go back for a few more trips.


Everyone’s favorite floating city, Venice, is ideal for lovers looking for a bit of R&R.

One of the best ways to quickly get to know Venice is to visit it with a gondolier. Sit back and relax as you gently stroll down endless canals through residential streets, under ornate bridges, and along bustling plazas while settling into the Venetian way of life.

Once back on dry land, head to the Rialto Market and indulge your senses with gourmet delicacies such as cichetti, small snacks ranging from scrumptious sandwiches to small platters of freshly grilled vegetables and cold cuts. Washed down with a generous glass of local Prosecco, you’ll be ready to go sightseeing. Burano’s rainbow-colored fishermen’s houses, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Doge’s Palace are also not to be missed.


Finally, if you want a city that will delight you all year round, look no further than Verona, the jewel of northern Italy.

This place has it all, from the great Roman Amphitheater to comfort food such as risotto and gnocchi. Verona also has UNESCO status, and for all fans of Shakespeare, you might remember this is where his famous cursed lovers Romeo and Juliet fell in love. You can even visit Juliet’s house and the balcony from where she called her Romeo.

In summer, find inexpensive but beautiful treasures at the flea market or sunbathe in the Giusti Garden. In winter, settle in for an evening at the opera house or explore the museums, such as the Museo Nicolis, which is home to beautiful classic cars and motorcycles.


Who says beach vacations are just for long vacations? There is nothing more rejuvenating than a coastal retreat, and Olbia on the pretty island of Sardinia is ideal for a cheeky weekend getaway.

This place has it all, from a lovely old quarter with gorgeous architecture and laid-back tavernas and wine bars galore, all of which are a hop, a jump, and a jump away from white sand beaches and azure waters.

Pizza and anything with seafood in it is a must while you’re here, or pack a picnic and head to Parco Fausto Noce, where you’ll see green spaces for miles, water fountains. peaceful water and even a Roman amphitheater to explore.


Another island getaway on the maps is Sicily – but this one is definitely more for the culture-inclined.

The romantic Catania is the second largest city in Sicily, where the majestic Mount Etna overlooks the light-stone streets and bell towers adorned with churches.

A gentle stroll on a sleepy, sunny morning through the flowery streets is a great way to immerse yourself in the Catalan way of life – all with an espresso in hand. These wanderings will undoubtedly make you discover some of the emblematic baroque architecture of the city, of which its cathedral is perhaps the best example.

After a long lunch of sea urchin spaghetti or canneloni (followed by sweet cannoli pastries filled with crème fraîche), brave a hike up Mount Etna to admire unspoiled views of the region, or head to the local markets. for friendly memories.

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