Richmond Hill High School students performed across Italy


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Students of the Richmond Hill High School Choir recently returned from an overseas tour.

“You see pictures and you’re like ‘oh, that looks great,’ but once there it was so surreal,” said choir director Janet Wooten.

32 students were able to perform across Italy singing to crowds of worshipers at the Vatican and other religious sites.

“I can’t even begin to explain what it’s like to be in front of hundreds of people. The lights sparkle on all the gold leaf, mosaics and all the paintings and it’s just beautiful,” said choir member Savannah Legg.

It was the school choir’s first international trip.

According to them, this has not only helped them to discover new cultures, but also to get closer to each other.

“There’s no other group of people other than those I’ve played with who will truly understand what the whole experience was like,” said choir member Payton Lark.

And for choir director Janet Wooten, the final performance at the Vatican meant a sort of end of the road for some members, many of whom are college graduates.

“There was not a dry eye in the choir. Just the emotion, the spirit that was in the room and I think at that moment the students realized that we had worked for it and now we are here. It really happens,” Wooten said.

The end of a musical journey that has taken students from an area known for its small-town atmosphere to some of the biggest churches in the world.

“But in the end, music is a universal language. So when we play Mass or play with the other high schools, we are able to connect through music,” Wooten said.

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