Spotlight on the opening ceremony of the 8th International Silk Road Film Festival: Silk sea lights and shadows shine in the capital of


December 9, 2021

The song “Symphony of Giant Waves”. Photo by reporter Ye Yibin

Fuzhou Daily reporter Wu Hui

Magnificent aquatic spectacle of 100 meters, old ice screen in the shape of a house, three-dimensional projection with the naked eye… With the aquatic city of Minyue Water Town Zen and the landscape architecture as support, complemented by modern digital multimedia technology and performing art, Minyue Water last night The city has turned into a dream scene – the opening ceremony of the 8th Silk Road International Film Festival was held here, opening the Haisiguang film and television viewing party, and Fuzhou once again ushered in the highlight of the International Silk Road Film Festival!

The opening ceremony of this year’s film festival was splendid and bright. The reporter started with the three key words of digitization, international style and rhyme Mindu, and recalls the wonderful times with readers.

Keywords: Digitization

On the evening of December 8, blue, white and red scenes were created using high-tech methods, making blue, white and red the most eye-catching colors. The head of the main creative team at the opening ceremony told reporters, “Fuzhou is one of the important starting points of the ‘Sea Silk Road’. From there, the ship sails towards the blue and connects the world. Blue symbolizes the ocean and is also the Silk Road. The main color of the International Film Festival.

What about red? Fuzhou is the only capital of the country named after the word “Fu”. “Fu Culture” is an important part of the culture of the capital city of Fujian. The color red symbolizes prosperity, happiness and well-being.

For the first time, this film festival is allied to water. The opening ceremony took place in Minyue Water Town. White symbolizes water and represents the white sails of the “Maritime Silk Road”.

The opening ceremony on the evening of December 8, with the help of holographic projection technology, water curtains, drones and light shows, not only brought a magnificent feast of light, cinema and television to guests at home and abroad, and made people feel like they were back in time. The boom age of the “Maritime Silk Road” has also conveyed to guests at home and abroad the inclusive, open and inclusive spiritual core of Chinese civilization for thousands of years.

Keywords: international style

During the opening ceremony, Huang Jianxin, president of the jury for the “Golden Silk Road Awards” of this film festival, brought 10 other members of the jury on stage. Since the establishment of the International Silk Road Film Festival in 2014 with state approval, it has been successfully held for 7 sessions. For the first time, the main competition unit of the “Golden Silk Road Award” has been set up in this year’s film festival.

Huang Jianxin said, “This film festival is in line with other influential international film festivals. The first “Golden Silk Road Award” will be implemented. Standards and specifications will be evaluated and industry recognition and recognition of the Golden Silk Road Award will be evaluated. international influence. “

The head of the executive committee of the International Silk Road Film Festival (Fuzhou) said that the “Silk Road Gold Prize” was established for the first time this year. Popularity has a bigger role in promotion.

The Golden Silk Road Trophy was also unveiled during the opening ceremony that night. The main design is divided into two layers, inside and outside. The outer layer is made with the craftsmanship of lacquer from the intangible heritage of Fuzhou, and 8 motion pictures form the image of waves and sails. Inside is the golden LOGO of the “Silk Road International Film Festival” which sails with the wind in the waves. The design of the trophy represents the urban spirit “including the sea” of Fuzhou and the culture of “sea silk”, and the cascading environment symbolizes that the filmmakers are heading for their works.

Keywords: Mindu Yun

The opening ceremony on the evening of December 8, whether it was the selection of the venue for the opening or the audiovisual effect, Mindu’s charm was elegant.

The main venue for the opening ceremony was Minyue Water Town, China’s first “Haisi Minyue” themed scenic site, which was unique in its ingenuity.

Pavilions, towers, small bridges and streams, old streets and alleys… Although the opening ceremony of this film festival did not begin until 7:30 pm on the same day, many citizens came to the scene in afternoon and waited for the right show to kick off.

As soon as you enter the water city of Minyue, you can see that it is ancient, as if you had entered a time and space tunnel and entered the legendary thousand-year-old city. There are towering city walls, jagged pavilions, bridges, lakes and overlapping rocks, as well as natural beauties such as the sunset and the Tinglan shore. Minyue Water Town restores the old Fuzhou water town style, and it’s like being there. Travel to the land blessed a thousand years ago.

In Aquatic City, Qinghui Tower, Fuchuan Workshop, Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Fujian and Zhejiang Governor’s Department, etc.

The opening ceremony scene was shaped like a blessed boat, creating an overall visual landscape on the water of the “Galaxy Silk Road”. The main screen adopted the saddle wall shape of Fuzhou’s three lanes and seven lanes, which merged into Fu Rong Tree, Fu Bridge, Fu Pagoda and Water Moon. Elements such as the stage are charming in Fujian. Wang Shuyang, a citizen who watched the opening ceremony live, said, “The whole water city of Minyue is a big stage, an immersive and immersive experience. This kind of experience is unmatched by theaters. Many have watched live broadcasts online. The audience said: “Through the screen, you can feel the full rhyme of Mindu.”

During the opening ceremony, everyone can also feel the “Eight Min Style”. This year’s film festival opening drama “Island Guardian” is also known to all, as “Island Guardian” was filmed on Pingtan Island. “Island Guardian” production manager Wu Di told reporters, “” Island Guardian “is adapted from the touching deeds of Wang Jicai, the” model of the day. “He and his wife remained on the border island. from the mother country for 32 years until their unhappy death.


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