The ancient Turkish city of Pompeiiopolis prepares to welcome visitors


The ancient city of Pompeiopolis, in the TaÅŸköprü district of northern Turkey’s Kastamonu province, is preparing to officially become an archaeological site and open to tourism as excavations continue to reveal the city’s beautiful history and the region.

Pompeiopolis, one of the largest cities in Anatolia during Roman times, was once the capital of the ancient region of Paphlagonia. Excavations in the city continued with a team of 30 archaeologists from Turkey, Italy and Poland, led by Tayyar Gürdal, head of the department of classical archeology at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Bülent Ecevit University .

The excavations started in 2006, and continued with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Kastamonu Museum and the Municipality of Taşköprü, and a project has been submitted to the Anatolian Development Agency of the North (KUZKA), to transform the city into an archaeological site.

With the support of KUZKA, the project proposes to preserve and protect the old city borders, install CCTV security cameras, create a new visitor reception area, an introduction area and a warehouse and laboratory for excavations.

The archaeological team is working on excavations in the ancient city of Pompeiiopolis, Kastamonu, northern Turkey, September 16, 2020 (AA Photo)

Pompeiopolis was one of seven cities founded by Roman General Pompey the Great along the river plains of Iris, Halys and Amnias in 64 BC. -Pontus.

By its peak in the 2nd century AD, the city had become the capital of the ancient Roman province of Paphlagonia. Certain inscriptions on stone and coin bear the title “Metropolis of Paphlagonia”.

Gürdal said excavations in the city are now focused on the Roman villa. He also noted that restoration efforts were underway.

“We have seen and noted that efforts on the presentation of the ancient city of Pompeiiopolis were scarce. We intend to close this gap. Of course, the most important work we do to bridge this gap is restoration and conservation work, ”Gürdal told The Anadolu Agency (AA).

Gürdal said this work was particularly expensive.

“These two are areas that you really have to work on with big budgets. We need support for this. We have a guided project, which will be carried out with the development agency and supported by our municipality. It is important for us to carry out this project.

He also pointed out that there were several archaeological excavations all over Turkey.

“It is not possible for our state to reach everywhere,” said Gürdal and added: “Here the local forces have to take responsibility and support the excavations. If we get their support, we can very effectively and quickly ensure that the ancient city of Pompeiiopolis turns into an archaeological site that is (publicly accessible).

“I think the ancient city of Pompeiiopolis is a very important center for the future of TaÅŸköprü and Kastamonu.”


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