Malta will cook in one of the most intense heat waves of the summer due to a massive heat dome expected to block weather conditions in the southern parts of Europe, centered on the Mediterranean.

Severe Weather Europe weather analysts forecast excessive, scorching heat, with the highest temperatures expected in Italy, Malta and Greece through midweek, then intensifying in Spain and Portugal for the weekend.

A classic weather pattern has resulted in extremely high temperatures in parts of the Mediterranean and the Balkans, the worst being in Greece which ended at around 47 ° C on Tuesday, outside of raging forest fires.

This time extremely high temperatures will develop across the Mediterranean, first over Italy, Malta, and again also in the west and south-west of the Balkan Peninsula, then gradually spread towards the Alps, as well as Spain, Portugal towards next weekend.

The “heating dome” was the dominant feature of the summer of 2021 in Europe and the United States. A thermal dome is a term used when a large area of ​​high pressure is parked over much of the continent and remains there for days or even weeks.

The heating dome works like a lid on a pot: the large dome traps a mass of very hot air, especially at the lower altitudes, creating a very dry air mass from the African desert, with minimal risk of precipitation, even clouds.

The result is extreme heat and a dramatically increased threat of forest fires as the drought intensifies.

“It will be extremely hot in places, potentially very close or even above 45 ° C locally. Thanks to very hot temperatures in the lowest levels of the atmosphere, the absence of strong winds and very dry air mass advection from North Africa, ”Severe analysts said. Weather Europe.

Thermal domes are becoming an increasingly regular weather phenomenon as entire regions face increasingly extreme heat and forest fires. In June, record temperatures hit North America, with more than 100 people dying in the northwestern United States and Canada.

In the case of Europe, the jet stream plunged southward through western Europe and extended into northeastern Europe, allowing a ridge to develop in the southeast. is from Europe. In the ridge, the air got hotter every day.

Hot air from a Saharan dust cloud also contributed to warmer-than-usual temperatures. The high pressure from the jet-stream ridge and the warm Saharan air stuck over southeastern Europe for some time, maintaining temperatures 10C to 15C above average.

They are quite common in temperate areas but they become more and more intense and regular in areas that do not usually experience such extreme heat. Scientists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that the main trigger was a large change in ocean temperatures during the previous winter.

This cascade of deadly extreme weather conditions this summer in the northern hemisphere could make 2021 the year when climate predictions become an inescapable reality.

Forecasts of the office met

The weather office at Malta International Airport predicts that on certain days the temperature will reach 41 degrees.

The seven-day forecast shows Monday’s highest temperature will reach 35 degrees, but will be 37 degrees as the island is swept by a south-southwest wind.

From Tuesday, the mercury will peak at 38 degrees but it will feel like 40 degrees with the wind blowing from the west-northwest. The lowest temperature will be 29 degrees, which will ensure a warm night.

On Wednesday, the temperature will continue to rise to 40 degrees and will look like 41 degrees. The wind will blow from the west-northwest at force 3 and 4. The lowest temperature will be 28 degrees.

On Thursday, the maximum temperature will reach 39 degrees but will still be 41 degrees. But the northwesterly wind will bring with it a cooler night with the forecast predicting a low temperature of 26 degrees.

The east-northeast wind on Friday will bring a slight reprieve with the highest temperature reaching 33 degrees, although it feels 36 degrees. The lowest temperature of the day will be 26 degrees.

And on weekends, both days will record highs of 36 degrees and feel 38 degrees with winds varying between northwest and west.

Throughout the week, the UV index should be very high at 10, which means that protective measures should be taken when exposed to the sun.

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