The Twin Peaks character you are based on your zodiac sign


Daring Aries (March 21 – April 19) leads the way in the zodiac. This fire sign, known as “the warrior,” is competitive, active and straightforward. They are courageous and determined leaders, inspiring others with their passion and enthusiasm. They aren’t necessarily known for their cunning as they prefer a more direct approach in dealing with their conflicts, which tends to make them emotional direct shooters. Sometimes that means they’re stubborn and strong-tempered, but rarely let resentments escalate after speaking out. Aries always has the courage of his convictions.

In the world of “Twin Peaks”, FBI agent Gordon Cole is his resident Aries. The leader of the spooky Blue Rose Task Force of the FBI, he is the boss of Dale Cooper. Gordon is a little hard of hearing in the first few episodes of the series, which he doesn’t mind as he’s perfectly happy to shout out instructions over the phone to Cooper and anyone else.

Cole’s moral center is unwavering, even in the face of unfathomable mysteries and unspeakable evil. He gives clear instructions and expects them to be followed, but he trusts his agents and doesn’t micromanage them. Cole is also not afraid to go out and get his hands dirty with a case, leading the search for the missing Cooper. He’s loyal to the misanthropic Albert Rosenfield, but Cole isn’t afraid to discipline him when he crosses the line.


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