These beautiful villages in Italy will pay you $ 33,000 to settle there


Italy is starting over, trying to inspire the next generation to settle there. This time around, the offer comes from the beautiful region of Calabria in southern Italy, which is offering a handful of new residents hard cash totaling € 28,000 (roughly $ 33,000) over a period of time. three years to move to one of the many charming little villages.

It’s crazy to think of a place offering that kind of money, but this program looks like other programs with deep pockets in Italy, like the village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, which offered people up to $ 52,500. grants to settle and work there. The village of Santa Fiora will help you pay your rent if you move there and work remotely (and even more so if you open a hotel or have a baby). Then there were the many villages that attracted new residents with homes priced from 1 euro to $ 9,000.

With all these programs – and the most recent in Calabria – the intention is to attract a new population to the small Italian villages which have lost inhabitants over the years.

“The objective is to boost the local economy and breathe new life into small-scale communities”, Gianluca Gallo, regional adviser, told CNN. Or as Gianpietro Coppola, mayor of the Calabrian village of Altomonte, explained: “We want this to be an experience of social inclusion. Attract people to live in the area, enjoy the surroundings, beautify the unused places of the city.

But as you can imagine, there are a few pitfalls. In order to get the funds from Calabria, new residents must promise that they will start a small business or take a specific professional job. And don’t think that just anyone can settle there. These villages want a youthful brew, so it’s limited to new residents aged 40 and under. Additionally, if you are accepted into the program, you must move within 90 days.

the “active residence income” project (as it’s called) will launch in the coming weeks, and the region has set aside over € 700,000 (approximately $ 829,000). In addition, the region could provide one-time grants to help new residents start hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

So far, nine of Calabria’s villages have signed up to participate in the program, and they range from the seaside to the mountains. Here is a look at five of the villages, and even if you don’t decide to settle there, you may dream of living la dolce vita.


This rural village is located in the mountains but near the sea. Its streets are lined with Renaissance palaces that resemble a slice of Tuscany.


The seaside village stretches from the coast to the hills and is located near the Pollino Natural Park, where you can go trekking and mountain biking. Bonus: Albidona too at 1 euro houses for sale.


This partially abandoned ancient city is located in an area called “Greek Calabria”, due to all of the early settlers from ancient Greece who settled here. It is not far from Sicily.


Originally built to defend against pirate raids, Caccuri is topped by a majestic fortress. The town is surrounded by olive groves and is known for its excellent olive oil.

Saint Severine

Santa Severina is perched on a rocky cliff and has palm trees and a view of the river. The village is famous for its delicious oranges.


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