Thief inspired by the French Netflix show Lupine steals an oratory near Milan | Italy


A man told police he was imitating the suave master thief style of the French television series Lupine when he attempted to rob the bar of a church oratory in northern Italy.

Putting on a leather jacket, similar to that worn by the protagonist of the Netflix show, the 21-year-old, who has not been named, said he waited for the church bells to ring in order to suffocate the sound of its crash. the glass door of the oratory bar on Saturday evening.

He told police he had closely studied the skillful and confident techniques of Assane Diop, the main character of Lupin, before his attempted break-up. But things didn’t quite go as planned.

After entering the bar at the oratory in Monza, a town near Milan, the man stole around € 21 (£ 18) from the cash register. He also runs away with a bottle of sparkling orange.

But the injuries to his arm from smashing the glass door turned out to be too serious and soon after he returned home he called for help.

According to information published in the Italian press, the man first concocted the story of having been attacked and robbed by three people, hence his injuries. But then he burst into tears in front of the police, confessing his guilt and explaining that he was inspired by Lupine.

Perhaps the main flaw in his plan was the target of the theft: the man allegedly robbed the oratory bar a few years ago.

Thieves in Italy often deploy bold tactics, although others have been more successful than Monza’s aspirant Lupine. Dubbed the ‘acrobatic thieves,’ a gang of four were arrested in Milan in January after allegedly monitoring the movements of the city’s celebrities and influencers on Instagram before climbing their buildings and robbing their homes. Prior to their capture, the gang had managed to steal thousands of dollars in merchandise, including jewelry, designer handbags and Rolex watches.

Lupine is based on the French fictional character Arsène Lupine. Diop is played by actor Omar Sy.


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