Top 10 World News: Biden Administrator “Did Not See” Omicron Variant, Kremlin On Russian-US Tensions, World News


From updates on the Russian-Ukrainian situation to the latest COVID-19 cases around the world. Also read about why Tesla went to trial. And don’t miss our explanation on what Russia’s draft treaty on security guarantees is. Click on the links to read the full report

US Vice President Kamala Harris admits Biden administrator “didn’t see the Omicron variant coming”
US Vice President Kamala Harris admitted that the Biden administration could not anticipate the emergence of variants like Omicron and Delta. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times about the Covid situation in the country, Harris said Friday: “We didn’t see Delta coming… We didn’t see Omicron coming. And that’s the nature of what this horrible virus has been, which ultimately has mutations and variants. “

Amid Ukraine crisis, Kremlin says tensions between Russia and US are not yet at their lowest
Despite simmering tensions between US-led NATO allies and Russia over Ukraine, Moscow believes their relations with Washington are not yet at an all-time low. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Saturday that the Kremlin needed stable and predictable relations with Washington, according to the Interfax news agency.


Pakistan: At least 14 dead, several injured in powerful gas explosion in Karachi
At least fourteen people were killed and several others injured in a powerful gas explosion in Pakistan’s Sindh province on Saturday (December 18), as DAWN reported, citing a statement released by the secretary of the Sindh interior ministry, Qazi Shahid Pervaiz. The explosion took place near the Parsha Chowk of Karachi in the Shershah region.


Explanation: Putin’s red line: what is Russia’s draft treaty on security guarantees?
Russia has submitted a draft document on legal certainty guarantees to the Biden administration to “ensure the security of the Russian Federation and the member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)”. The Russian Foreign Ministry said it had “provided detailed explanations on the logic of the Russian approach.”


Tesla electric car manufacturing company targeted in lawsuit over CEO Elon Musk’s tweets
Electric car maker Tesla has been on trial over tweets from CEO Elon Musk. Famous for making mind-boggling statements on social media, Musk asked in a Twitter poll if people thought he should sell 10 percent of his stake in Tesla.

Elon musk

Chinese aircraft carrier enters Pacific amid tensions with Taiwan
China has reportedly sent an aircraft carrier battle group to the Pacific Ocean amid tensions with Taiwan. Japan’s Defense Ministry said China sent the aircraft carrier Liaoning as well as the destroyer Nanchang, including a supply ship.

Pacific Ocean

Can Omicron and Delta unite to create an even worse COVID-19 variant? The expert has the answer
The world has faced the deadly Delta variant before, and is currently facing the latest Omicron variant, which is new enough for scientists to understand its nature and mutations. But what if the Delta and Omicron variants combine? Will this create a super strain of COVID-19?


China introduces drastic changes to Hong Kong election
China has introduced drastic changes in the Hong Kong Legislative Council elections. Voters in China’s financial center will choose new lawmakers under rules that have reduced the number of directly elected seats to the legislature to 20, out of a total of 90 seats.


UK Cabinet Secretary Simon Case distances himself from Christmas party investigation
UK Cabinet Secretary Simon Case has stepped down as head of the committee investigating alleged allegations of downing Street parties last Christmas. “To ensure that the ongoing investigation maintains the public confidence, the cabinet secretary recused himself for the remainder of the process,” a statement from the office said.

Simon case

49-year-old Italian caught with 1 minute of child pornography files
In a strange incident, a 49-year-old man was arrested by Italian police on Saturday for possession of over a million child pornography files. The man, who is a musician in the coastal town of Ancona in the Marche region of Italy, had numerous photographs and videos, depicting children in wrongdoing with adults.



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