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October 14, 2022 Trivia killed Nashville, Tennessee during the Deaths and Dragons round. This show took place at Marathon Music Works place, located in the heart of Nashville. Supporting acts included Between the buried and me, Whitechapeland Khemis. Even though it’s only been five months since Trivium performed in Nashville, the last being in May for the Metal Tour of the Yearfans filled the room waiting to see them again.

The first band of the evening was a doom metal band Khemis. Formed in 2012 in Denver, Colorado, Khemmis chose their name after an ancient city in Egypt. It was definitely a great choice for an opening band for this tour, they grabbed the crowd’s attention from start to finish. Although not all of the fans had arrived yet, those who were there seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed their thirty-minute set. This group of 4 musicians had a very high energy, with the singer Phil Pendergast skip most of the set, while playing guitar as well. Some of their songs included “Avernal Gate”, “Sigil”, and “Isolation”. The band closed their set with the song “A Conversation with Death” which seemed to be a fan favorite.

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The second group of the evening was Tennessee’s own Whitechapel. Formed in 2006, this deathcore band formed in Knoxville, Tennessee, and chose the name Whitechapel after the area of ​​London where Jack the Ripper lived. This six-piece band has released 8 albums and 14 music videos, and is best known for their song “The Saw is the Law.” Singer, Phil Bozeman, absolutely wowed the crowd with his intense screams and stage presence. Once Whitechapel arrived, the energy was intense, crowd surfers began to rush the barricade and keep the job safe. Not to mention the mosh pit was absolutely insane. Nashville gave Whitechapel the energy they deserved. This six-piece band has previously said some of their influences include Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Pantera, Hatebreed and Napalm Death, but with their unique sound they’ve managed to take all of these bands and turn them into one of their own. . Whitechapel played seven songs, including “Lost Boy”, “Orphan” and “This is Exile”, which they closed with the song “Doom Woods”. From first note to last, Whitechapel has taken Nashville by storm, and with Spotify’s over 400,000 monthly listeners and daily growth, it’s safe to say they won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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Next was a progressive metal band Between the buried and me. Formed in 2000, Between the Buried and Me was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and is commonly known by the abbreviation “BTBAM”. This 5-piece band has produced ten studio albums and is best known for their ability to move quickly from thrash metal to keyboard melodies, as well as vocals. Tommy Giles Rogers Jr. wide range of voices. BTBAM previously stated that one of their biggest musical influences was Counting Crows, ironically enough they chose the name Between the Buried and Me based on a lyric section from Counting Crows’ song “Ghost Train”. This group of five musicians has produced ten studio albums, as well as several music videos. Some of the songs they played on this tour included ‘Sun of Nothing’, ‘Extremophile’ and ended with the song ‘The Future is Behind Us’. The crowd wasn’t as rowdy during this set, but seemed to be enjoying the show with several fans shouting the lyrics loud enough for the band to hear. Nevertheless, fans seemed very happy with the performance and the expectation was growing for Trivium.

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The crowd piled in like Trivia was about to grace Nashville with their presence, and fans started chanting their name. Formed in 1999, this heavy metal band was born in Orlando, Florida. Trivium has sold over a million albums worldwide and was even nominated for a Grammy for the song “Betrayer” as “Best Metal Performance”. This four-piece band is best known for their crazy riffs, dual guitar harmonies, breakdowns, as well as their wonderful interaction with the crowd throughout the set. Singer, Matt heavy, combines his incredible singing voice, with intense screams and growls, making for an incredible show. During the show, Matt stopped several times to talk to the crowd, thanking them for coming and supporting the live music, as well as challenging this Nashville crowd to beat Alberta, Canada as the craziest crowd on the tour, a challenge Nashville was willing to accept. Trivium has released ten studio albums and countless music videos. They played for about an hour and a half and the set list included a variety of songs, some of which include “What the Dead Men Say”, “Chaos Reigns”, “In the Court of the Dragon”, “The Heart From Your Hate “, and they ended with the song “In Waves”. Once Trivium started playing, the mosh pits went wild, some of which even had young children, whom everyone in the pit allowed to have the best time and keep them safe. Before the set was over, Trivium crowned Nashville as the most intense crowd on the tour so far, which Music City made it nearly impossible for another city to pick up the slack. Although Trivium has visited Nashville twice in 2022, we are highly anticipating the next time they come to town. The Deadmen and Dragons Tour began October 2, 2022 in Boise, Idaho and ends November 10, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. There’s still time to get tickets for this iconic tour click HERE for more details.

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