“Very frustrated”; temporary foreign worker stuck in limbo


An Italian immigrant who lives in Kelowna says he’s been stuck in limbo for months.

Danilo Pizzoleo, 25, from Grottaglie, a small province in southern Italy, immigrated to Canada with his brother in 2016.

“I left my riding to give myself a chance to change my life with my family. I did it, ”said Pizzoleo.

But the challenge for Pizzoleo? He was fired from his job as a pizza cook due to COVID – and he was awaiting news from the federal government about his work visa extension.

He applied for the extension before the visa expired, so his status as a temporary foreign worker is still valid.

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The problem is that he is only allowed to work for this one employer, which he cannot do after being made redundant.

“It’s been 9 months already, and usually it takes 6 months to make a decision. But I understand with COVID (it could be delayed), ”Pizzoleo said.

The pizza maker is also awaiting a response regarding his application for permanent residence. His brother has already received his.

“I can say frustrated, very frustrated. My brother understood… we applied at the same time, we came at the same time.

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Global News has contacted the Federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship regarding the Pizzoleo case.

Officials wrote in an email: “Mr. Pizzoleo is considered to have retained temporary foreign worker status since his work permit extension application was received before the existing permit expired.

“As a result, Mr. Pizzoleo will be able to continue working under the same conditions of the existing permit until a decision is rendered on the extension request.”

So it seems that Pizzoleo still cannot work elsewhere until he receives his new open work visa.

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He says he’s been living off his savings for over a year.

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