Weather tracker: the heat wave will sweep Europe north | Europe


Europe is once again entering a period of strong heat waves this week, with the possibility of record temperatures.

Sweltering heat has already affected the Iberian Peninsula over the past few days, with temperatures 4-5°C above the seasonal norm, resulting in highs above 40°C (104°F). During the rest of this week, the heat is expected to increase even more intensely to around 7°C above average, with maximum temperatures reaching 46-47°C in Seville, for example.

As low pressure develops west of Europe, this intense heat across the Iberian Peninsula will spread north across France, potentially reaching the UK by the weekend, as well as eastwards in much of central Europe. Highest temperatures are expected to exceed 40C in parts of France, Germany and even the Netherlands by this weekend. If the heat does indeed reach the UK, the all-time temperature record of 38.7C set in Cambridge in July 2019 is likely to be broken.

Unusually, as the heat persists across Western Europe, temperatures in parts of the central and eastern Mediterranean will also rise to around 10C above normal, topping the 40 mark. ° C in Italy and the Balkans. By Monday next week, central, southern and western Europe may well experience temperatures well above the seasonal norm, with widespread heatwave conditions.

There are often strong balances in the atmosphere and, countering the heat in much of Europe later this week, Scandinavia and northeastern Europe will be more unstable, with temperatures of several degrees below the seasonal norm, although it looks like it will be short-lived.

Meanwhile, the Indian monsoon is dumping torrential rains in many parts of the country, with central areas suffering the worst flooding as a result. India’s meteorological department has already put in place red warnings, saying more than 200mm (8 inches) of rain may fall in 24-hour periods. Forecast models suggest that further showers and thunderstorms for much of the coming week could worsen flooding in these regions, including Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.


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