Why is everyone talking about Pope Francis’ trip to L’Aquila? A CNA explainer


The opening of the Holy Door will mark the beginning of the annual celebration instituted by Pope Celestine V in 1294 and inscribed by UNESCO on his List of intangible cultural heritage in 2009. Cardinal Giuseppe Petrocchi from L’Aquila said that Francis will be the first pope to open the holy door for 728 years.

Have there ever been rumors of Pope Francis’ resignation?

Days after the pope underwent colon surgery in July 2021, rumors swept social media claiming the pope was planning to step down “within the next few hours”. But the speculation was quickly proven wrong. The pope left the hospital and soon resumed his busy schedule.

A steady stream of resignation theories continued to emerge throughout 2021. The pope’s health issues in 2022, which forced him to use a wheelchair for public events, sparked more speculation.

Has Pope Francis spoken of resignation?

After his election in 2013, Pope Francis welcomed Benedict XVI’s decision to step down. In a 2014 interviewhe said that “Benoît is the first and maybe there will be others. We don’t know.

But he never said explicitly that he personally intended to resign. Speaking after his colon surgery in 2021, he Noted that “Whenever a pope is sick, there is always a conclave breeze or hurricane.”

Referring to resignation rumors that seemed to originate from his native Argentina, he added: “I don’t know where they got from last week that I was going to resign! What word did they understand in my country? This is where the news comes from. And they say it was a commotion, when it never even crossed my mind.


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