23 Nov

Merchant cash advance business -Investigate our merchant advance loans

merchant cash advance

Would you like to borrow money for a company car with the certainty of a fixed term and a fixed interest rate for your loan? You can take out a merchant cash advance through the Credit Adviser for the commercial use of passenger cars and delivery vans up to 3500 kg. The credit limit is a minimum of $ 5,000 and a maximum of $ 125,000 for business leasing.

Investigate our merchant advance loans

If your financial situation permits, you can lease a car or occasion for business. Astro Finance is happy to find out if a lease is possible for the business. We help you as well as possible by providing independent financial advice. This way you will receive a loan that suits you and your company.

Our partners are reliable parties with extensive experience in financial services. Our credit advisors are happy to tell you in detail about the lease options (business) with our partners. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or make an appointment for a no-obligation introductory meeting at one of our branches in your area. From Rotterdam to Nijmegen, we are happy to help you. You can reach us via telephone, or request a merchant cash advance from our site.

Business leasing for self-employed people

Our partners, also make business leasing possible for freelancers and starting entrepreneurs. Taking out a revolving credit or personal loan is not always easy for self-employed people without annual figures. A number of conditions apply to the request for business leasing by a self-employed person without employees, such as a well-known and not discussed BKR.

Financially Fit also makes it possible for starting entrepreneurs and self-employed people without annual figures to lease a car or occasion for business, up to $ 25,000. Starting entrepreneurs naturally have no annual figures yet. However, if starting entrepreneurs could not get financing, they sometimes cannot even start, let alone become successful. We understand that at Astro Finance.

20 Nov

Benefits of Generating Credit History | Business Loans | Merchant Cash Advance

In different articles we have explained the benefits of having a good personal credit history, now it’s time to explain how to start generating a good track record for your company to get more benefits.

Start generating credit history for your SME and get the following benefits.

# 1 Get more loans for SMEs


 # 1 Get more loans for SMEs


According to the results of the SME Credit Report that we made, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs finance their businesses with personal credit or credit cards. This is because entrepreneurs do not have the requirements that financial institutions request and do not have a credit history of their company.

Keeping your business history healthy will make it easier for you to obtain productive loans, so they will be an instrument of growth and not a debt instrument.

# 2 Access to larger amounts and comfortable terms


As with your personal credit history, if you have a good track record with your business you can achieve larger amounts and longer terms. For example, if you apply for a credit as a legal entity in Konfío, you can reach amounts up to 1 million pesos.

Remember that the term is calculated based on the amount you choose, so you can get long-term credits and turn them into an ally of your company.

# 3 Get better interest rates


 # 3 Get better interest rates

By continuing to finance your business with credit cards you are paying annual interest up to 70%. If you improve the credit history of your company and you get credits for business you will be saving considerably on the interest you pay. A business loan is much cheaper than a personal loan, since the financial risk is lower.

If you do not know the credit history of your business you can consult it for free once a year in the Credit Bureau. If you are a Physical Person with Business Activity you just have to fill out the application for “Special Credit Report of Companies and Physical Persons with Business Activity” and they will send you the information by fax, mail or courier. In case of being registered as a Moral Person, the report must be authorized by the legal representative.

An SME loan can be a tool that drives the growth of your business, so it’s time to improve your business credit history and obtain better conditions.

25 Jun

Application for a Payday Loan


For the most part, all loans and payday loans are issued in the same way. Sometimes the process may change, but, as a rule, it depends on the borrower.

Application for a payday loan

Application for a payday loan

There are a number of conditions that may affect the process of applying for a payday loan: a method of obtaining a loan (cash or online), a visit to the office or an application on the company’s website, the category of the borrower, and more. For example, students and pensioners, often, can count on preferential credit conditions and, even, the receipt of individual products.

Filing an application

The main task of microfinance organizations is the convenience and speed of issuing loans. Therefore, there are various ways to apply. The client can call, apply directly to the office or apply for a loan directly on the site. In all cases, the review takes place, usually within an hour, in some cases it can reach one day.

Documents  and Passport

In most cases, you only need a borrower’s passport. When making an online application, provide accurate data about your document and check before sending the form, whether all the fields are correctly filled. And you need to submit a document only at the time of receipt of money. The least likely to require a driver’s license, but this document today is present in the majority of the solvent population. In cases where you are counting on certain discounts or benefits – you need to have the appropriate document with you, for example, a student card or a pension certificate.


That’s basically it


To apply for a payday loan you need a minimum of effort. Keep your passport with you, and you can handle the procedure in a matter of minutes, while being anywhere. And get the money in an hour. No need to worry about your credit history or look for guarantors.

10 Jun

Loans with execution – when it didn’t work out before

More and more people have been getting into execution in recent years. Loans – especially non-bank loans – are now very easily available, and almost everyone can get at least a small loan today. In addition, a lot of people borrow completely unnecessarily for things they don’t need. You can also indebt because of installment purchases and you can end up execution even on the basis of non-payment of rent, energy, telephone, internet, television or other services. Can I get a loan in such a situation? What to do if you have tried to find it and have rejected you everywhere? What are the options for dealing with execution?

With execution, finding a loan is very complicated

With execution, finding a loan is very complicated

Of course, if a person has been charged with execution, it is obviously very difficult to find a loan. Of course, most providers have certain requirements, and execution is usually a problem. It is logical that credit companies want to minimize their risk and do not want to lend to someone who is at risk of not being able to repay the loan properly. For example, you do not have a chance with the execution of banks for example, and the opportunity to obtain a loan is thus exclusively with non-banking institutions.

Even in the non-banking sector, the choice is quite limited

Even in the non-banking sector, the choice is quite limited

Although a non-bank loan with execution can be theoretically found, but here you have to count on the fact that the offer is significantly narrower and many companies will reject the application. The so-called SMS loans in the order of a few thousand are a little higher, but for high loans you usually fail.

Choose carefully and responsibly so that you don’t end up in even bigger debts

Choose carefully and responsibly so that you don

Choosing a suitable loan with care and very carefully everyone should – but it is doubly true for those who already have debts and execution on the neck. In such a situation, another mistake would be even more sad, so we recommend looking for a loan with independent sites that specialize in loan comparison. In addition to our website is one of the best, for example, LoansHned.cz, or Vyhodnaky.cz. Another advantage is the fact that all these portals include only thoroughly tested loans with no risk.

For example, a real estate loan could be the solution

For example, a real estate loan could be the solution

If you have a distraint, you have applied for a loan several times and have refused you everywhere. Its advantage is that it is possible to obtain even very high amounts – hundreds of thousands to millions of crowns, in addition, registers of debtors are not checked, as well as you do not need to prove income. The disadvantage is that these loans are only for those who have a property they are willing to guarantee. In case of default, they will lose this property – this is a risk to be aware of in advance.

Some companies also offer debt relief – not everyone is honest

Execution, however, can be solved by other means – such as debt relief applications. These requests are examined by the court to which an application must be made with all the necessary formalities, which is not an entirely simple matter. Many companies offer help with debt relief, unfortunately many of them are not honest and will not help you from execution. Some, on the other hand, can help but often have to pay quite a fee for their services.

A sensible solution is to consult experts

A sensible solution is to consult experts

If you are threatened (or have already been charged) with execution, it is best to consult independent experts who can help you. Perhaps ideal is to contact one of the free financial advisors. They provide free assistance to indebted people and often help them free of charge, even with a debt relief request. These institutions are in all regions and in most major cities – you can find a number of contacts on the Internet so you can choose the one that is closest or provides the services you need. For example, if you have a lawyer friend, you can consult him, he can help you with a request for debt relief, or provide other advice.

30 May

Home loan settled immediately

Home Loan is a kind of non-bank loan. This loan is mediated by an entity other than the bank, in this case specifically by Home Credit. This company provides products and services to some extent identical to the bank, but it is a so-called non-bank company. Even these non-bank companies must have a license entitling them to operate and the Czech National Bank directly supervises them.

Home Loan – How to Get a Loan

Home Loan - How to Get a Loan

The form located at the top of the site is for easy submission of a Home Loan request. You can see a sample completed form on the video below.

Home Loan – Cheapest Loan

Home Loan - Cheapest Loan

Home Loan is modeled as the cheapest loan on the market. In addition, in case of returning within 14 days of the agreement, it is completely free. It can be spread over ten installments and there are no arbitration clauses in the contract. The whole application process is very fast and simple. The main conditions are to have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, to be over 18 years old, and the credit is only provided to natural persons.

Home Loan – Banks versus Non-Bank Companies

Home Loan - Banks versus Non-Bank Companies

Traditional banks have to cope with a competing arena of intrusive native digital players who can provide products that customers can easily identify with, deliver less time between application steps and lower costs. These non-bank firms have been gaining more and more influence over the last few years. A perfect example is Home Credit and its Home Loan. A number of banking players consider the decisive factor in the credit market a process that is more focused on existing customers. Therefore, if you are a long-term client of the bank, you can benefit from this scenario. In other cases, or for those interested in another loan, the choice of a future lender in today’s market is rather a pleasant necessity given the innovative approach of most companies in the industry. It has also become very important for companies to provide consistent customer experience across the credit chain. Home Credit meets all of the above-described details and is highly customer-oriented. You can see for yourself the benefits of its services.

Home Loan – Selection

Home Loan - Selection

The decision to choose between a bank and a non-bank firm should really depend on which kind of lender has the best product corresponding to your current situation. Like any other purchase, your choice should be based on availability, the ratio between quality and compatibility with your needs. With the benefits that unconventional lenders often have in all three of these areas, you can make your choice. We offer multiple tailored products on our websites. For example, if you are looking for a tens of thousands of credit, visit the Home Credit sub-page. Is it a priority for you to disregard registers? Loans without a registry are another option.

Home Loan – Loan Immediately on Account

Home Loan - Loan Immediately on Account

Filling in the form won’t take you more than five minutes. The application is then sent through our website and the Customer Center operator usually responds to your request within fifteen minutes. If your application is correct, the funds are immediately transferred to your account. You can receive them within a few hours, most of them the next day. So the Home Loan is really widely available and fast.

Home Loan – Client Relations

Home Loan - Client Relations

While banks are perceived as safer because of the high pressure of government control and regulation to which they are exposed, non-bank firms have recently been tied up with laws at least. This has changed at the end of 2016, but still these private creditors still have several advantages. Their smaller size allows for more personalized service. This is a high priority for worse-off applicants or for those looking for a strictly alternative bank. Furthermore, they can also profile more informally and this is one of the factors that riskier customers can easily identify with.

Home Loan – Market Development

Home Loan - Market Development

High-tech technology, high-speed internet and never-ending user interest have created a new market in the last decade. If creditors can use digital channels such as social networks or search engines, they can get new revenue streams by giving consumers access to credit products when needed. Whether it’s a loan, an electronic loan, or another service. Technology also encourages good decision making. Successful lenders in this market need to have systems, controls, processes and management that enable fast and accurate client verification. It is important to create a comprehensive profile of each loan applicant during an online service. Traditional lenders already have access to a huge amount of customer data and their offers can be maximized personally. Home Credit is very complex in this respect, and both Home Loan and the company’s higher loans cover a wide range of needs.

12 May

Loan without proof of income

Sometimes you get into unpredictable financial distress and not even your fault. It will meet before paying for more spending at once or your children’s activities need spontaneous funding. There are many situations with unexpected expenses, but if your payment history is fine, there is no reason to stress.

On this subpage we focus on solving a situation where you cannot or do not want to prove your income for any reason. For clients who have such claims on credit, here is the form at the top of the page or you can visit the non-bank loan page for everyone. A loan without proof of receipt is sent to your account within 15 minutes of approval.

Loan without proof of income – what is it?

Loan without proof of income - what is it?

A non-income loan is a type of loan that a company specializing in non-bank loans can arrange for you. However, it is not a bank. Online loans, also referred to as non-bank online loans, have the advantage of not being registered in debtors’ registers for the duration of the loan. This is why companies do not charge you for any additional interest or account maintenance fees.

Loan-Free Loan – Free Loan

Loan-Free Loan - Free Loan

On this page we offer you the opportunity to apply for a loan from several non-bank companies at once. With these companies, micro loans are very easily available. Another advantage of these loans without proof of income is that up to a certain loan amount, the loan is free at no charge.

By doing so, companies monitor the possibility of long-term contact with you. A loan without proof of income is on this site here or on the Home Loan page. Home Loan is a Crediter product. If you would like to find out more about Crediter Loan, visit the page here on the Web or on the Quick Loan website immediately.

Loan without proof of income – what can I use it for?

Loan without proof of income - what can I use it for?

This kind of loan can be used for almost anything. Companies will never ask you for information about the purpose of your loan. Yes, we really guarantee that companies will never ask you for this information. A loan without proof of income is dependent on this parameter. You can apply for an amount from $ 20 to $ 10,000 for a 31-day period. In some cases, you will encounter a quick loan to payout option that has a maturity of up to 45 days or even a spread-out option.

A loan without proof of income – loans for the unemployed

A loan without proof of income - loans for the unemployed

A situation where a person chooses not to or cannot prove income does not occur exceptionally. Above all, people who need it just because of low or no income search for a loan without proof of income. This can also happen with a change of job and reduced pay due to the probationary period. Companies take note of these circumstances, and that’s why they also offer products such as a loan without proof of income.

Loan without recovery – Money loan agreement

Loan without recovery - Money loan agreement

The Money Loan Agreement is legally binding, so it is both your and your creditor’s protection. With this mutual agreement, the credit arrangement is maintained at a professional level and avoids misunderstandings that could otherwise adversely affect business relationships between the two. So we strongly recommend reading the loan agreement. Check if the contract contains all the particulars it contains. Be sure to ask and let everything be explained.

Loan without receiving – Verification

Loan without receiving - Verification

Whatever the reason you do not want to prove your income, there are companies for which this is not necessary, but even so your application will be considered cautiously. A loan without proof of income does not mean that the companies do not verify your creditworthiness, ie the ability to repay the loan. In cases where a company requires more documents in the verification process, try to understand these steps. This type of loan is a risky product for the lender, so do not perceive their verification as a violation of your privacy.

Loan without receiving – Transfer of Money

Loan without receiving - Transfer of Money

You must have a bank account set up to draw a loan without proof of online income. The institution that will grant you credit has multiple bank accounts in multiple banks to ensure the maximum possible speed when transferring the borrowed money to you on account. The biggest advantage of this type of loan is its ability to adjust and the speed at which the entire loan is settled. A loan without proof of receipt with minimal administrative burden is available here online.

02 Apr

Non-bank cash loans to the house

Many of us sometimes need a loan, but which one to choose? We have a plethora of bank and non-bank loans to choose from, and new and new offers are constantly rolling out of all media.

Non-bank cash loans to the house

Non-bank cash loans to the house

If you’re not the right type for a loan from a bank, you can use the loans you bring home through sales representatives. Non-bank cash loans to the home are very popular with customers, especially for easy access. Although you have to submit a full line of documents to get them, you do not pay any fees in advance. You can choose to pay out a loan in cash or by bank transfer. The transfer takes up to several days, so it’s not the best option if you’re in a hurry.

Do house bank loans have any advantages?

Do house bank loans have any advantages?

Yes and a few. Above all, the cash will be brought to you by your sales representative at the weekend and on the holiday. The contract is simple and clear. He lends to everyone at least a minimum income. You can borrow up to CZK 80,000. The repayments are weekly, but the representatives can agree on a monthly interval to subscribe to the loan. Individual repayment can also be arranged if you have not been paid or you have become ill. However, it is not advisable to address these situations. You are then penalized for default and payment for any reminder you receive.

Getting this loan is easy

Getting this loan is easy

To get a loan you need to document your income, usually not looking into the registers, do not mind the execution. Some companies will provide you with a 100% loan, but some will require the first installment immediately. To obtain a loan, just send a completed online form or call the customer service. Then a sales representative will contact you to check your documents, make a contract and pay you money. The loan is intended for persons over 18 years of age, with any income, so even for unemployed people who receive social benefits, mothers on maternity leave and even entrepreneurs do not come. The amount of installments depends on the amount of the loan. Payments range from CZK 113 per week for a loan of CZK 4000. The APR ranges from 76%.

Advantageous loan

Advantageous loan

You can also compare individual non-bank lending loans to your home with online comparisons. Enter the individual loan parameters as its amount and maturity, your personal information, and then review the offer. Choose yourself which has the best conditions. We value each other differently. You may find it easier to borrow the one you get quickly, the one that has low repayments or the total APR. For online comparisons, you can also apply for a loan or search for other loan offers. There are only verified providers, so you can’t run into a cheater that would only take you out of money.